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Tue, 18-Jul-17 1:28 AM (6 days ago)
Spamming Member gagged if anyone have gotten any today/yesterday?
Hi Arty, I've got this weird person that insists on my email ... and spamming "SN" as well ...
(6 days ago)
dont forget to report so we see if its several persons being "spammed"
(5 days ago)
Sat, 15-Jul-17 5:04 AM (9 days ago)
Lumbar Puncture/Spinal Tap appointment is next week. About time...
yay ! hope it all goes well for ya Elle
(8 days ago)
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Sat, 15-Jul-17 2:37 AM (9 days ago)
kinda wondering if anyone still uses this site really at all?
(9 days ago)
you could always join in by posting some pics too, it is what the site if for
(8 days ago)
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Sat, 8-Jul-17 1:38 AM (16 days ago)
Pics uploaded from my recent trip to Duluth MN with my girl. Enjoy
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Sun, 11-Jun-17 3:01 AM (43 days ago)
MRI's inconclusive AGAIN- 2nd time Now I have to have yet again another Lumbar Puncture..... Now I am getting really Pissed Off...
Sorry for your frustrating .
(42 days ago)
I bet they are just doing repeatative stuff so they get more money ..... Grrr and it makes me cry
(42 days ago)
its wrong how they do that, take advantage of people
(40 days ago)
oh damn, that sucks
(39 days ago)
It's been a while since I logged in over here. Sorry to hear your news and I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. xox
(37 days ago)
Sun, 11-Jun-17 3:00 AM (43 days ago)
Eye doctor says my eyes are good and he has given me a new prescription for new lenses - he said it din't look like MS but will wait for the MRI's
Sat, 27-May-17 6:10 AM (58 days ago)
Next week a busy week..... Eye Doctor to see why my eyes are not tracking AND 2 MRI's 1 on the brain and 1 on the neck area to see if there is anything attached to the spinal cord from the brain etc..
give an update when you can!
(50 days ago)
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Hiya Elle xx any update yet on what is going on with you? hope your well
(45 days ago)
Sat, 13-May-17 1:03 AM (72 days ago)
I went to a Neurologist today, she says I will need a MRI and a Spinal Tap as my others are too old (2012) hoping then they will know whats wrong with me.
oh hope they find something, not knowing is the worst
(72 days ago)
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hope they find you an answer Elle, xxx
(72 days ago)
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Tue, 9-May-17 3:25 AM (76 days ago)
Posted a couple of new pics, and yes I should be around more now.
hey Elle, nice to see ya back and good to hear you have been missed
(76 days ago)
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Howdy - and thanks for the recent "tidy-up" if that was you that did it.
(75 days ago)
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Wed, 3-May-17 11:54 PM (81 days ago)
how about we just post a pic of anything just to get this site going again ! come on people, lets post some pics, and for those other few , NO!, not those pics !!
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Perhaps another appeal on the MAINN site might be useful. It's worked before, for a short while. Then ALB slips back into its default state of sleepy inactivity!
(80 days ago)
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perhaps suggest it to the boss
(79 days ago)
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Posted A picture ... to help ? Perhaps, IF you into taking General Photography, perhaps this is a site where you could do that, regardless of who runs it or how many sites they run? Perhaps?
(76 days ago)
Fri, 28-Apr-17 11:48 PM (86 days ago)
Oh my *polishes 1 y badge* time flies when we jump around
I'd have a nice badge if I hadn't done some reincarnations. As it is, I suppose I have the 'new arrival' one
(82 days ago)
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I only saw I have one too ... lol ... late as always ... I haven't been here in ages
(73 days ago)
Tue, 18-Apr-17 8:09 PM (96 days ago)
I've chosen the new theme ... Pictures that I took today
thats good. now lets see if anyone else post pics 'they took today'
(96 days ago)
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cant post again today, the ones I took arent good for here
(94 days ago)
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^ I've had the same problem the last few days
(91 days ago)
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oh oops, same again
(86 days ago)
My first post was a photo taken 15 mins before it was uploaded
(82 days ago)
Sun, 9-Apr-17 12:30 AM (106 days ago)
please do not post web pics, if you want to do so, blog them instead with the story why
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bumpy bump
(103 days ago)
true that we like blogs too
(86 days ago)
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Sat, 8-Apr-17 10:12 PM (106 days ago)
the next topic can be chosen by Arty and just to clarify to those who think it is all you can post, its not, its just to try and get people to post pics ! anything can be posted
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hahahaha meanie... moving vehicles not depending on weather
(106 days ago)
lol thought you could pick
(106 days ago)
sorry, i missed the last one, always try to get something,new too post, rather than old pictures,, will try and get something for this one,,
(105 days ago)
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Thu, 6-Apr-17 2:41 AM (109 days ago)
Any one of yawl do a good April fools day antics?
naa think it gets less every year
(108 days ago)
yea, Ican't pull any on my 2 year old she is to young and well I told my husband the State Police was here wantingto talk to him....he was likeyea yea April first ya think I am falling for that?
(108 days ago)
I have two State Policemen I am friends with, I need them to get one of them to play along .
(108 days ago)
or the County Sherrif, I went to college with his wife
(108 days ago)
(108 days ago)
Wed, 5-Apr-17 3:04 AM (110 days ago)
LOL I am here chat me up ! see I told ya I was gonna be more active.......................
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LMAO well you odds of that is playing poker with bigfooot
(110 days ago)
ok ok trying bubbles
(110 days ago)
I am done I tried to make activity.....
(110 days ago)
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ok want to chat me I wil lb e here as much as I can
(110 days ago)
read my blog ok
(110 days ago)
Tue, 4-Apr-17 12:04 AM (111 days ago)
come on folks, post some pics on here, lets get this place happening again
Brenda likes this
I understand bubbles I want this site to kick butt
(110 days ago)
nature pics or vacation us your work pics
(110 days ago)
the wild squirrels escape me soon there will be bunnys and swans im in the city not much wild except people
(108 days ago)
LOLZ art yea take ya camera to Walmart right? hahahahha
(108 days ago)
come on Arty, I am sure you can catch just one
(107 days ago)
Mon, 3-Apr-17 5:40 PM (111 days ago)
'Nothing will work unless you do' — Maya Angelou —
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true Artistic
(110 days ago)
Fri, 31-Mar-17 1:17 AM (115 days ago)
hi all I am full of topics, but my problem is I am to hyper to wait very long for a this site
lol to hyper to wait for a response? I sent that PM back in dec and you only just replied a day ago, lol
(113 days ago)
oh and choosing topics to post pics of, which is what this site is all about....
(111 days ago)
lol I know I been ou of the loop but I am trying to make time to re-establish some fun on here
(110 days ago)
we are making out living room african animal and scenes ....anh ideas or suguestions? we have some paintings and a couple huge leather animals so far.
(110 days ago)
not making out lol making our living room
(110 days ago)
Sun, 26-Mar-17 2:36 AM (120 days ago)
ok who is chosing the next topic ?? someone , anyone please
Artistic likes this
Urban wildlife?
(118 days ago)
Bubbles and Artistic like this
or just wildlife as some may not be in urban areas thanks brenda !
(118 days ago)
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Hi bubbles I think I fixed the issue in my blog ..please check and let me know if it is ok. Thank you for the message ...Faith
(115 days ago)
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Sat, 25-Mar-17 7:07 AM (120 days ago)
First of, hopefully many early morning,, sunsets trips for this year.
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even I might get out for a few more too
(120 days ago)
Sun, 19-Mar-17 11:53 AM (126 days ago)
Oi stoppy !! its birdie week not bug week
I only do birds at night.
(126 days ago)
Thu, 16-Mar-17 8:39 AM (129 days ago)
the old Emoo has chosen Birdies for this net topic so post away your birdie pics
oh and we will post away until the 25th March , another week then will change again
(127 days ago)
come on people, where are all your birdie pics for us to see ?
(124 days ago)
Wed, 15-Mar-17 8:21 AM (130 days ago)
ok who is chosing the next topic for us to post photos of ? someone please
Well it has to be birdies doesn't it? I've started already.
(129 days ago)
Viewfrom likes this
thats cheatering ....but ok lol birdies it is
(129 days ago)
nice choice
(129 days ago)
Sat, 11-Mar-17 3:33 AM (135 days ago)
Please read and contribute to my thread on the forum Here
ElleFoxie likes this
done and thank you re PM's
(135 days ago)
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(134 days ago)
(133 days ago)
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