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Sat, 25-Apr-20 6:59 PM (39 days ago)
working emojis ? 😱 😳 🤪 🤬 😷 🤧 🤡 🥳
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oh yay.... not ... sorry i think these are a waste of resources that could be better spent elsewhere fixing broken things or improvements to things like the block system
(38 days ago)
dont be sorry i think the same, no comprende priority
(38 days ago)
Wed, 15-Apr-20 7:30 PM (49 days ago)
Im reading stories about sharing and helping eachother on twitter making me a blubbering heart aching fool heart #hopeforhumanity
Some amazing stories around, that is for sure,,
(48 days ago)
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the 99 yr old that raised in excess of 23 million pound is another
(48 days ago)
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seems it may be 23 million AUD
(47 days ago)
# one world
(44 days ago)
I think, he is over £20 million pound now.
(44 days ago)
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Wed, 19-Feb-20 10:58 PM (105 days ago)
i see buds in the grass soon there will bee spring flowers grin
Tue, 21-Jan-20 9:54 PM (134 days ago)
waiting for spring
autumn comes after summer wink
(126 days ago)
ha futurewoman, does here to, so spring bring it grin
(124 days ago)
spring is nice as is autumn grin
(124 days ago)
I must spring into action soon. Haven't taken any good pics for far too long. smile
(108 days ago)
yes best you do, I have taken heaps but just not bothered posting or sharing any smile
(108 days ago)
Sat, 21-Dec-19 1:18 PM (165 days ago)
Merry Xmas
306.5 smile
(102 days ago)
306. wink
(101 days ago)
295 smile
(91 days ago)
(56 days ago)
(55 days ago)
Mon, 22-Jul-19 10:52 PM (317 days ago)
Ahhh a day of rain..... smile
Thu, 4-Jul-19 3:09 AM (335 days ago)
Happy fourth dont let fireworks scare the animals heart
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Thu, 23-May-19 7:33 PM (1 year ago)
well ops Alb has mirror sites too blink
Mon, 7-Jan-19 2:34 AM (1 year ago)
before there was no chat button, now theres no forum button?? smoke hmm
umm been no forum button for long time now ... hmmmm smoke
(1 year ago)
I guess this is primarily a pic posting site. If only there was a place where we could do both!
(1 year ago)
not enough used the forum to keep it going i would expect,
(1 year ago)
lol its still there just cos button is gone
(1 year ago)
yes, i know it still there for those that know how, just meant button thingy gone as it not used
(1 year ago)
Wed, 1-Aug-18 10:20 AM (1 year ago)
Thunder and rain, 5 min ... That ok ill order a hundred of those smile
welcome rain is it? send some this way if ya can thanks smile
(1 year ago)
never got the chance sad i think the weed nicked all the water, only thing green
(1 year ago)
bugger, we need rain here badly
(1 year ago)
Fri, 13-Jul-18 2:12 AM (1 year ago)
Have you heard about the new restaurant called Karma?
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There’s no menu: You get what you deserve.
(1 year ago)
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are these jokes or someone pissed you off?
(1 year ago)
Jokes fitting my mood that day....its getting hard to live on air sad
(1 year ago)
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yes, it is hard living on air
(1 year ago)
Fri, 13-Jul-18 2:09 AM (1 year ago)
Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar. -“Get out of here!” shouts the bartender. “We don’t serve your type.”
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Thu, 26-Apr-18 5:46 PM (2 years ago)
ok spring rain, but rain, sun, hail in one day is over doing it tongue
Tue, 10-Apr-18 4:30 PM (2 years ago)
Spring, finally ... *singing* laugh
Tue, 27-Mar-18 1:34 PM (2 years ago)
Please remember this site is for everyday photos, also when you comment, thank you smile
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Thu, 22-Mar-18 10:08 AM (2 years ago)
We need a bunny emoji for easter grin
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Yes we do!
(2 years ago)
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LOL any holiday wink
(2 years ago)
Wed, 14-Feb-18 10:51 AM (2 years ago)
loveheartloveheartlove Happy Valentine loveheartloveheartlove
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Hi Arti muahhh, lol smile
(2 years ago)
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muah Jus
(2 years ago)
Mon, 22-Jan-18 1:13 AM (2 years ago)
I love Bubbles photo, she found fairyland grin
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lol, thanks Arty grin
(2 years ago)
Sun, 24-Dec-17 6:19 PM (2 years ago)
Happy holidays whatever you celebrate grin XOXOXO
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Tue, 18-Jul-17 1:28 AM (2 years ago)
Spamming Member gagged if anyone have gotten any today/yesterday?
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Hi Arty, I've got this weird person that insists on my email ... and spamming "SN" as well ...
(2 years ago)
dont forget to report so we see if its several persons being "spammed"
(2 years ago)
I got it also, reported and blocked...
(2 years ago)
Fri, 28-Apr-17 11:48 PM (3 years ago)
Oh my *polishes 1 y badge* time flies when we jump around grin
I'd have a nice badge if I hadn't done some reincarnations. As it is, I suppose I have the 'new arrival' one eek
(3 years ago)
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I only saw I have one too ... lol ... late as always ... I haven't been here in ages smile
(3 years ago)
Mon, 3-Apr-17 5:40 PM (3 years ago)
'Nothing will work unless you do' — Maya Angelou —
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true Artistic
(3 years ago)
Wed, 1-Feb-17 2:44 PM (3 years ago)
visit on FB button is new or im in need of glasses? *wondering*
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Tue, 24-Jan-17 12:49 PM (3 years ago)
If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting? huh
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here tongue
(3 years ago)
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i didnt get a ticket so im home doing stuff
(3 years ago)
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My account got hacked, and 1282 people turned up to collect my damn ticket grin
(3 years ago)
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Thu, 19-Jan-17 2:16 AM (3 years ago)
Contain any derogatory comments regarding or directed to another member of the site will be deleted, please report them and/or adress mod or Admin (modslist in forum) Thank You smile
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Got your boots on, Artistic? grin
(3 years ago)
naaa its winter and im sockless in my slippers LOL
(3 years ago)
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