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Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
5-Jun-23  22:18:49 (1 day ago)
Loads 50 BMG armor piercing incendiary. Range 2000 yards, elevation 20% wind 6 mile/hour south southeast flight time 4 seconds , when ready!!! Oh dear, julie andrews seems to have vanished from the sound of moooo-sic :D How did that happen ?
Comment on ginathings5's ( ) profile:
3-Jun-23  11:29:14 (3 days ago)
2 things for you , this isnt a dating site, so your 'looking' for someone wont work on here and 2, no email address is to be shown in public on the site , kindly remove it please
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
2-Jun-23  13:51:56 (4 days ago)
*sings* The hills are alive, with the sound of mooooo-sic.....
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
29-May-23  21:25:40 (8 days ago)
Lines up catapult .... lobs a cow over your castle wall, boinggggg ..... mooooo .... :D
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
29-May-23  1:24:40 (8 days ago)
*pokes at the blob with a sharp stick* You dead yet, mon?!
Comment on Artistic's ( ) profile:
24-May-23  1:53:05 (13 days ago)
*stops in to say hi, and blow away the cobwebs*
Comment on nakedNadja's ( ) profile:
6-Apr-23  11:09:01 (61 days ago)
What ever makes you happy miss hottie
Comment on PantyPirate's ( ) profile:
13-Mar-23  15:40:21 (85 days ago)
welcome to the bright site 😉
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
9-Mar-23  18:40:40 (89 days ago)
Your voice greeting.....LOL
Comment on RealHotRd442's ( ) profile:
28-Feb-23  20:14:28 (98 days ago)
welcome to the pic hosting sitem
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
6-Feb-23  0:15:12 (120 days ago)
With the price of eggs, I will take square eggs! *pokes you in the good eye*
Comment on LocalAardwolf479's ( ) profile:
11-Jan-23  5:51:49 (146 days ago)
Kalispera, welcome to Allombo
Comment on SexyUKBabe's ( ) profile:
8-Jan-23  19:03:38 (149 days ago)
Just passing through to say hello on your special day. :)
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
7-Jan-23  1:16:32 (150 days ago)
pokes around with jabbedy stick, poke, may all your chickens be frozen and lay square eggs. :D
Comment on YuriLovesIt's ( ) profile:
6-Dec-22  9:52:00 (182 days ago)
I dont care to know what your about or want but just so you know, this isnt a sex site so that topic is off limits on here
Comment on NorwaySense's ( ) profile:
7-Nov-22  8:23:56 (211 days ago)
this is NOT a site to post those type of pics !!
Comment on Tommyjr11's ( ) profile:
24-Oct-22  16:32:41 (225 days ago)
You'll get that on them big jobs
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
18-Oct-22  2:44:33 (231 days ago)
Sending you a herd of flying pigs, a gaggle of nesting ewe's, 2 reindeer, and an apple growing in a pear tree. :D
Comment on Bubbles's ( ) profile:
12-Oct-22  6:46:02 (237 days ago)
i keep missing profile comments sonce no notifications :D
Comment on Shy1976's ( ) profile:
7-Oct-22  2:02:37 (242 days ago)
Swinging by to give you a hug...Hope you are doing well
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
4-Oct-22  14:54:22 (245 days ago)
Happy Burpday!
Comment on bigonecum4u's ( ) profile:
2-Oct-22  5:50:05 (247 days ago)
best you not look on this site for that as its a "G" RATED site, that is , kids use it, keep ya pawn a graphic shite off here, thanks!
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
27-Sep-22  23:24:17 (251 days ago)
He has had that habit for over 30 years now!
Comment on Paint_itLady's ( ) profile:
24-Sep-22  6:50:12 (255 days ago)
May your S/O suddenly develop a habit of chewing tobacco.
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
22-Sep-22  2:35:50 (257 days ago)
I live in the country.... so no neighbors :P

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