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Comment on Aleksmaks's () profile:
7-Nov-23  11:36:35 (26 days ago)
this is a site to post photos YOU take, not ones you take off the web , please dont post any more web pics, thank you
Comment on Aleksmaks's () profile:
6-Nov-23  21:32:06 (27 days ago)
Your photo's are lovely :)
Comment on Paint_itLady's () profile:
8-Oct-23  22:51:01 (56 days ago)
*Pats the new edible macropod encased in kevlar on da head, "good gerl, who's a good gerl then" "sit .... SIT! ... who's a good gerl" *pats kevlar encased macropod on da head again :D
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
8-Oct-23  3:28:50 (57 days ago)
*creates a new basket full of goodies and sends it via kangaroo suited up in Kevlar *
Comment on ElleFoxie's () profile:
22-Sep-23  23:41:50 (72 days ago)
I'm figuring you have atleast seen the Movie "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy??! lol THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!!😇😉😁
Comment on Paint_itLady's () profile:
7-Sep-23  1:32:12 (88 days ago)
Looks kinda morgue freezer? Looks unda da bed? How dare U have a life 🤏 while I,m bed ridden shadow of my former self :sneaky:
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
1-Sep-23  12:37:10 (93 days ago)
*Shoots kangaroo..eats it raw, I'm that hungry:cry:
Comment on betterpython's () profile:
21-Aug-23  23:48:06 (104 days ago)
No Profile, No photo's, No Thankyou!!!
Comment on wwd54's () profile:
30-Jul-23  2:56:53 (127 days ago)
Ahhh, go on then post some pretty photo's. Your profile one is lovely. :)
Comment on Paint_itLady's () profile:
27-Jul-23  0:17:55 (130 days ago)
Sorry, Kangaroo's have been renamed, dingo's have been renamed, islands have been renamed, so the animal what hops on it's hind legs that is an inhabitant of the land formerly known as Van Demons Land has a pouch built in, hence no need for a basket !! :D
Comment on Artistic's () profile:
26-Jul-23  20:06:10 (130 days ago)
*hops over the back fence and peers into the living room window* anyone home?!
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
26-Jul-23  14:28:21 (130 days ago)
Sends a kangaroo by with a "get well soon" goodie basket
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
9-Jun-23  2:44:41 (178 days ago)
Sanka, mun, you dead yet, mun ... cool runnings ... Eye laughed like :D
Comment on Paint_itLady's () profile:
5-Jun-23  22:18:49 (181 days ago)
Loads 50 BMG armor piercing incendiary. Range 2000 yards, elevation 20% wind 6 mile/hour south southeast flight time 4 seconds , when ready!!! Oh dear, julie andrews seems to have vanished from the sound of moooo-sic :D How did that happen ?
Comment on ginathings5's () profile:
3-Jun-23  11:29:14 (183 days ago)
2 things for you , this isnt a dating site, so your 'looking' for someone wont work on here and 2, no email address is to be shown in public on the site , kindly remove it please
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
2-Jun-23  13:51:56 (184 days ago)
*sings* The hills are alive, with the sound of mooooo-sic.....
Comment on Paint_itLady's () profile:
29-May-23  21:25:40 (188 days ago)
Lines up catapult .... lobs a cow over your castle wall, boinggggg ..... mooooo .... :D
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
29-May-23  1:24:40 (189 days ago)
*pokes at the blob with a sharp stick* You dead yet, mon?!
Comment on Artistic's () profile:
24-May-23  1:53:05 (194 days ago)
*stops in to say hi, and blow away the cobwebs*
Comment on nakedNadja's () profile:
6-Apr-23  11:09:01 (241 days ago)
What ever makes you happy miss hottie
Comment on PantyPirate's () profile:
13-Mar-23  15:40:21 (265 days ago)
welcome to the bright site 😉
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
9-Mar-23  18:40:40 (269 days ago)
Your voice greeting.....LOL
Comment on RealHotRd442's () profile:
28-Feb-23  20:14:28 (278 days ago)
welcome to the pic hosting sitem
Comment on Fstop's () profile:
6-Feb-23  0:15:12 (301 days ago)
With the price of eggs, I will take square eggs! *pokes you in the good eye*
Comment on LocalAardwolf479's () profile:
11-Jan-23  5:51:49 (326 days ago)
Kalispera, welcome to Allombo

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