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Comment on Ethanhoudeslut's ( ) profile:
2-Nov-21  7:44:09 (78 days ago)
tried again huh, keep ya nude crap off here !!
Comment on ethanhoude's ( ) profile:
17-Sep-21  9:46:19 (124 days ago)
this is not a site for ya nude crap but thanks for joining and trying
Comment on Farley's ( ) profile:
12-Aug-21  7:59:03 (160 days ago)
lol, no, we havent, was a coincidence in posting them. Mine was one I had taken while lockdowns were on, camera and out walking for the exercise
Comment on 11INCHJEFF71's ( ) profile:
2-Aug-21  2:14:08 (170 days ago)
this aint a pick up / hook up site, its a GENERAL pic posting site !! keep ya sexual tendencies off here thanks
Comment on bobi596's ( ) profile:
20-Jul-21  3:51:31 (183 days ago)
this site is not for sex, keep it clean !!
Comment on OldManEmu's ( ) profile:
18-Jul-21  0:04:38 (185 days ago)
sailing out of Fiji on a cruise :)
Comment on JQBARE's ( ) profile:
14-Jul-21  9:10:30 (189 days ago)
this is not a site for nudity, not everything is about sex and porn !!
Comment on bugguyaustin's ( ) profile:
2-Jul-21  10:03:15 (201 days ago)
why are you posting someone elses photos as yours?
Comment on Artistic's ( ) profile:
1-Jul-21  4:15:19 (202 days ago)
Hi Artcy. Bugguy905 here.
Comment on phillyjoe69's ( ) profile:
20-Jun-21  0:02:27 (213 days ago)
Welcome to Allombo :)
Comment on bugguyaustin's ( ) profile:
27-May-21  23:05:02 (237 days ago)
Welcome to Allombo :)
Comment on jondl1964's ( ) profile:
30-Apr-21  14:19:37 (264 days ago)
this aint a pick up site !!
Comment on sweeteve's ( ) profile:
30-Apr-21  14:15:19 (264 days ago)
keep those kind of pics off here !
Comment on rodneysheppard's ( ) profile:
25-Apr-21  3:41:40 (269 days ago)
your looks dont matter on a PG pic posting site, you might like to try a dating site if you're looking for a hook up
Comment on SexyUKBabe's () profile:
6-Apr-21  4:34:34 (288 days ago)
beautifull pictures thanks my family is from england/scottland and/irelandand i am from newfoundland imagine my ancesters all from islands and so am i
Comment on rodneysheppard's ( ) profile:
6-Apr-21  4:24:32 (288 days ago)
not the greatest looking but a great heart and kind
Comment on charliehow3's ( ) profile:
4-Apr-21  12:34:14 (290 days ago)
This site is not to sell your household goods , use a fb group for that !!
Comment on Leonardo's ( ) profile:
24-Mar-21  20:18:51 (301 days ago)
Hope you're well :)
Comment on Bubbles's ( ) profile:
24-Mar-21  20:16:13 (301 days ago)
Hope you're well xx :) xx
Comment on Subsonly's () profile:
10-Mar-21  12:55:18 (315 days ago)
This site DOES NOT welcome nude pics or those out looking to find someone to F**K their unsuspecting other half. keep it clean or keep off... this is a public service announcement just for you !
Comment on Pebbles4bambam's ( ) profile:
2-Mar-21  3:20:14 (323 days ago)
please take your naughtyness elsewhere, this isnt a sex site or a site to exploit for sex / nudity / hookup site
Comment on happy's ( ) profile:
28-Feb-21  11:16:51 (325 days ago)
yes it is a problem, this site isnt to find like minded men, it isnt a hook up site !
Comment on Diamond_girl322's ( ) profile:
23-Feb-21  5:41:53 (330 days ago)
Just in case you were thought you were on a dating or pick up site, you're not, you are actually on a site to post pics for general viewing.
Comment on SmallBird737's ( ) profile:
22-Jan-21  7:59:13 (362 days ago)
this is a G RATED site, keep your "body" on the other site, thank you !
Comment on Pauls69dreams's ( ) profile:
16-Jan-21  21:57:56 (1 year ago)
hate to break the bad news to ya but this isnt a pick up site for potential relationships is a G RATED photo posting site. !! that means, you post photos you take of G RATED subjects, that means... no sexual or nudity ones !

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