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Comment on ElleFoxie's ( ) profile:
28-Oct-18  11:22:58 (20 days ago)
where are you ??? :( hope all is well for you xx
Comment on 4skin's ( ) profile:
21-Oct-18  10:28:24 (27 days ago)
this site is not for nudity or porn, keep it clean for the younger ones that look at this site too !!... thanks and welcome !
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
4-Oct-18  8:39:51 (44 days ago)
Happy Birthday Stoppy !! :)
Comment on Justin78's ( ) profile:
28-Sep-18  11:06:37 (50 days ago)
this site is not for posting ya nudes ! ...
Comment on Alanjb1985's ( ) profile:
22-Aug-18  11:49:24 (87 days ago)
this is not a site to post your nudes, remove your about me also as this is a site for general pics and kids are on here !
Comment on Wild_2's ( ) profile:
19-Aug-18  0:59:14 (91 days ago)
Huggs from a far
Comment on maria24yrr's ( ) profile:
18-Aug-18  22:21:05 (91 days ago)
And it still isn't
Comment on Bikinisunbather's ( ) profile:
26-Jul-18  23:38:22 (114 days ago)
No. My mom is retired and seeing as much of the world as possible. My sister and I take turns in travelling with her. My mom in total has been to over 40 countries. I'm at a distant 14 countries. But not bad considering I am far from
Comment on Bikinisunbather's ( ) profile:
17-Jul-18  21:10:46 (123 days ago)
You sure do shoot, travel for a living??
Comment on Chloe264's ( ) profile:
3-Jul-18  19:37:26 (137 days ago)
Welcome Chloe, looking forward to see where ship ends up :)
Comment on speters1978's ( ) profile:
24-Jun-18  9:24:44 (146 days ago)
this site is not for nudity or porn, you might want to change your about me section to comply with site rules...which you might benefit from reading too ..found down the bottom of every page under 'RULES'
Comment on maria24yrr's ( ) profile:
24-Jun-18  9:19:40 (146 days ago)
this is not a dating site... in case you thought it was
Comment on PoliticalLizard73's ( ) profile:
31-May-18  7:45:22 (170 days ago)
Just so you know, 'going both ways' does not apply to this site. this site is for general pics and comments only !
Comment on lotties's ( ) profile:
21-May-18  13:43:33 (180 days ago)
hello, a stunning lady by all means happy summer time
Comment on carole's ( ) profile:
12-May-18  18:51:39 (189 days ago)
One profile is all you need, and no posting anymore nudes either! Thx !
Comment on Yesenia69's ( ) profile:
7-Apr-18  4:01:53 (224 days ago)
This isnt a site to post nudes, if you want to do that then stay over on the other site. This site allows UNDER 18 ! Keep pics to general photos only !! please and thank you !
Comment on Doorman13in's ( ) profile:
18-Mar-18  2:40:04 (244 days ago)
Comment on lotties's ( ) profile:
7-Mar-18  9:19:07 (255 days ago)
Comment on kimberly_1229's ( ) profile:
7-Mar-18  9:17:52 (255 days ago)
Comment on elainehughes46's ( ) profile:
7-Mar-18  2:39:02 (255 days ago)
miss hottie
Comment on NaughtyKat's ( ) profile:
2-Mar-18  8:03:31 (260 days ago)
welcome to ALB, show us your pics :),
Comment on raboothy's ( ) profile:
28-Feb-18  15:14:15 (262 days ago)
Comment on lotties's ( ) profile:
27-Feb-18  18:21:26 (263 days ago)
Hey there welcome to Allo :)
Comment on Jusaying's ( ) profile:
15-Feb-18  13:03:10 (275 days ago)
welcome :)
Comment on nudepaulc's () profile:
13-Feb-18  7:27:28 (277 days ago)
This is NOT a nude posting site, you have been here long enough to know that.

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