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Comment on mal21160's () profile:
4-Nov-19  5:54:46 (7 days ago)
this site is not for posting nudity or porn, please refer to the rules and also , your about me needs to be changed
Comment on RosieDarling's ( ) profile:
2-Nov-19  11:41:12 (9 days ago)
this site is for general pics only, not your sexually inclined ones , that includes your 'about me' section too
Comment on jenniloves69's ( ) profile:
9-Oct-19  10:18:29 (33 days ago)
this site isnt for nudes, keep them for other site thx !
Comment on Farley's ( ) profile:
3-Oct-19  7:29:39 (39 days ago)
Yes, it is Glencoe
Comment on rodneysheppard's ( ) profile:
26-Sep-19  2:43:00 (46 days ago)
Welcome to Allombo :)
Comment on Random's ( ) profile:
25-Aug-19  23:36:15 (77 days ago)
Comment on Thyknlong's ( ) profile:
11-Aug-19  0:53:45 (92 days ago)
Welcome to the bright side :D
Comment on scarlettcolton's ( ) profile:
25-Jul-19  23:26:07 (108 days ago)
Welcome to Allombo,,,, hope you like to share everyday pics :)
Comment on Chloe264's ( ) profile:
20-Jul-19  14:17:37 (114 days ago)
Hey girl good to see you been online, i need to pop in on twitter, sorry, Muah
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's ( ) profile:
19-May-19  9:09:38 (176 days ago)
u are very cute young lady
Comment on PantiesSaltLake's ( ) profile:
1-Apr-19  23:12:13 (223 days ago)
this is not a site to full fill your fantasies or to look for them, keep that for the other place !
Comment on HotwifeAndFluffer's ( ) profile:
1-Apr-19  23:11:25 (223 days ago)
this is NOT a site to full fill your fantasies or to look for them ! keep that for the other place !
Comment on MissAndreaLynne's ( ) profile:
27-Mar-19  19:48:45 (229 days ago)
Comment on dirtycopper's ( ) profile:
27-Jan-19  7:34:18 (288 days ago)
Welcome over to the bright side
Comment on sexybbw4u's ( ) profile:
20-Jan-19  7:29:01 (295 days ago)
Comment on d15t0rt3d's ( ) profile:
3-Jan-19  21:35:38 (311 days ago)
we dont post those type of photos on this site. maybe take a read of the rules from the link below here before posting more
Comment on knivez's ( ) profile:
1-Jan-19  7:58:31 (314 days ago)
your other account of tenbatsu is still active, same rules apply to here as per other site for multiple accounts
Comment on Amher198269's ( ) profile:
1-Jan-19  3:08:48 (314 days ago)
this site is NOT for your nude pics... please keep them for elsewhere, thanks
Comment on LowSheep21's ( ) profile:
7-Dec-18  19:31:25 (339 days ago)
this is not a site to discuss your sexual needs, kindly remove you 'about me' thanks
Comment on ElleFoxie's ( ) profile:
28-Oct-18  11:22:58 (1 year ago)
where are you ??? :( hope all is well for you xx
Comment on 4skin's ( ) profile:
21-Oct-18  10:28:24 (1 year ago)
this site is not for nudity or porn, keep it clean for the younger ones that look at this site too !!... thanks and welcome !
Comment on Fstop's ( ) profile:
4-Oct-18  8:39:51 (1 year ago)
Happy Birthday Stoppy !! :)
Comment on Justin78's ( ) profile:
28-Sep-18  11:06:37 (1 year ago)
this site is not for posting ya nudes ! ...
Comment on Alanjb1985's ( ) profile:
22-Aug-18  11:49:24 (1 year ago)
this is not a site to post your nudes, remove your about me also as this is a site for general pics and kids are on here !
Comment on Wild_2's ( ) profile:
19-Aug-18  0:59:14 (1 year ago)
Huggs from a far

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