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Comment on dirtycopper's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  22:42:11 (3 hours ago)
man, that is GORGEOUS....
Comment on Yesenia69's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  6:16:30 (20 hours ago)
Comment on dirtycopper's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  2:23:08 (1 day ago)
add : in full manual, the camera will give a recommended setting for 1 of 3 values, to make correct exposure, most of my moon pics I totally disregard what it recommends, and will under expose the moon by 3 "stops'' why? The camera is averaging the value across the dark sections as well as the moon, in celluloid you had to know your stuff, the moon is 100% sun light and needs exposing for said same, or it is a white blob. In digital it is still 100% sun light, even if the exposure has become a lot easier.
Comment on dirtycopper's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  2:15:36 (1 day ago)
When you are comfortable, explore the Manual settings on your camera, years of fixed speed celluloid film, [my preference was 64ASA] I fix the speed to 100ISO, for grain quality under low light, very difficult with making the shutter speed slow, but I feel it is worth it. One can then adjust the aperture to allow more or less light in, raising or lowering the shutter speed, some say open your aperture up, let the light in, the moon is a long way way, up goes shutter speed, yes, but, that's fine on a dark background, anything else in the frame the focus will suffer, Depth of Field < Direct result of aperture value. The Moon moves, and the earth rotates, not noticeably fast until you look at magnification x10 in the screen on your camera, so slow shutter speed will in fact give blur :( I find the moon a challenging subject, and also a rewarding one, both from getting it right, to making several pics all different, one pic of the cantelope, they all look the same.
Comment on Fstop's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  1:37:48 (1 day ago)
No filter as such, but a byproduct of getting the cloud to show on the lower right of the surface. and any other of the various post processing bits and bobs in the program.
Comment on dirtycopper's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  1:26:55 (1 day ago)
The only manipulation in this photo was cropping it. That made it pop a little. LOL ISO 200, f/11, 1/125th exposure time. Google is your friend. :D
Comment on dirtycopper's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  0:58:20 (1 day ago)
I'll pay that one, the moon is like a map, the view of its orientation can be tracked back to the position on earth it was viewed from. A very hard thing to photograph properly, it is 100% reflected sunlight, so exposure is very hard with other subjects in the frame. If the moon in a picture looks to big and spectacular, its is a digital manipulation, Fact. You look at the size as it pops up, then looh at the size behind say the Taj Mahal in a ''stunning'' pic, it has been modified, not saying I am beyond that either, but seeing stunning pics one often wonder why are mine not like that? ... Cheers.
Comment on Fstop's ( ) pic:
22-Mar-19  0:41:02 (1 day ago)
Love it. Nice done. What filter did you use to get that color?
Comment on Hotty19's ( ) pic:
17-Mar-19  6:13:44 (5 days ago)
Your photo is so wonderful
Comment on voodooboo's ( ) pic:
16-Mar-19  0:34:11 (7 days ago)
Comment on voodooboo's ( ) pic:
16-Mar-19  0:29:31 (7 days ago)
Miss hottie
Comment on ElleFoxie's ( ) pic:
9-Mar-19  21:21:39 (13 days ago)
Your just awesome..and your photos
Comment on Hotty19's ( ) pic:
9-Mar-19  12:56:54 (13 days ago)
Wow can't keep from stopping by. I just adore you
Comment on voodooboo's ( ) pic:
8-Mar-19  10:44:40 (14 days ago)
Comment on jobu's ( ) pic:
6-Mar-19  11:00:05 (16 days ago)
nice sunset pic :)
Comment on MarkandLacey's ( ) pic:
3-Mar-19  12:51:35 (19 days ago)
Walk this way!!!!
Comment on BoredArmyWife's ( ) pic:
28-Feb-19  15:22:33 (22 days ago)
Extremely beautiful. Great photo
Comment on BoredArmyWife's ( ) pic:
28-Feb-19  15:21:57 (22 days ago)
absolutely stunning ... beautiful lady.
Comment on flaquitaerika's ( ) pic:
28-Feb-19  15:20:16 (22 days ago)
Very Beautiful !!!
Comment on Chloe264's ( ) pic:
25-Feb-19  19:04:08 (25 days ago)
new glasses?
Comment on Hotty19's ( ) pic:
25-Feb-19  2:09:32 (26 days ago)
Miss hottie!!
Comment on Artistic's ( ) pic:
24-Feb-19  22:38:31 (26 days ago)
I love watching the sunset on the sea x
Comment on BoredArmyWife's ( ) pic:
20-Feb-19  6:59:32 (30 days ago)
Drop dead georgeous!
Comment on Yesenia69's ( ) pic:
16-Feb-19  16:19:32 (34 days ago)
The same babe
Comment on flaquitaerika's ( ) pic:
16-Feb-19  11:43:31 (34 days ago)
Miss hottie

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