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Comment on Artistic's () pic:
27-May-18  8:48:48 (14 hours ago)
Its his Rhino - one horn, poor thing
Comment on Sonny's () pic:
24-May-18  22:03:57 (3 days ago)
good place to go before thanksgiving?
Comment on raboothy's () pic:
21-May-18  13:44:34 (6 days ago)
Comment on lotties's () pic:
21-May-18  13:42:02 (6 days ago)
hello beautiful, cheers from Dallas Texas
Comment on JimD's () pic:
19-May-18  11:47:54 (8 days ago)
Thanks! I was a nude figure model for many years. This was during a photo shoot a few years back.
Comment on LiKHu89's () pic:
18-May-18  2:37:46 (9 days ago)
Mmmm niiiice
Comment on Me1vin's () pic:
18-May-18  1:14:39 (9 days ago)
I love your bike
Comment on 23sevens's () pic:
17-May-18  1:38:49 (10 days ago)
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's () pic:
16-May-18  9:29:42 (11 days ago)
that is lil sisters bedroom she was our hero she got us out of the house
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's () pic:
16-May-18  9:27:44 (11 days ago)
thanks to lil sis AJ: we all got out and was safe but it was so sad to watch it burn
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's () pic:
16-May-18  9:25:03 (11 days ago)
pix it was really emotional we had only the clothes on our back we lost everything
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's () pic:
16-May-18  9:23:07 (11 days ago)
it is all fire proof metal
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's () pic:
16-May-18  9:21:04 (11 days ago)
No, lol that s our front yard the contractor did an excellent job rebuilding our original home where it was
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's () pic:
16-May-18  9:18:54 (11 days ago)
yea I was so ok is this gonna look like what I want? lolz
Comment on HickChickDeluxe's () pic:
16-May-18  9:06:04 (11 days ago)
thanks pix it was my shot at country kewl lol
Comment on Fstop's () pic:
15-May-18  23:08:25 (11 days ago)
soo cute
Comment on JimD's () pic:
11-May-18  15:35:54 (16 days ago)
cool picture
Comment on Farley's () pic:
11-May-18  9:16:02 (16 days ago)
Comment on Bronson's () pic:
8-May-18  10:23:10 (19 days ago)
This is a beautiful statue. Where is this, and do you have any info on it?
Comment on raboothy's () pic:
7-May-18  10:47:53 (20 days ago)
So beautiful
Comment on raboothy's () pic:
7-May-18  10:47:29 (20 days ago)
Wow, very beautiful :)
Comment on JimD's () pic:
7-May-18  2:58:56 (20 days ago)
good catch! Now in a pan :)
Comment on lotties's () pic:
5-May-18  22:26:10 (22 days ago)
Very beautiful!
Comment on SonicWarrior's () pic:
26-Apr-18  17:41:50 (31 days ago)
purple is my fav too
Comment on LiKHu89's () pic:
24-Apr-18  23:59:38 (32 days ago)
ich finde Frauen in haremshosen total sexy!! ich selber trage auch welche :) vielleicht gehen wir ja mal zusammen in die Natur? :)

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