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Comment on Leonardo's () pic:
18-Jul-17  22:45:52 (5 days ago)
i read that as is lol, looking good Lenny
Comment on ElleFoxie's () pic:
18-Jul-17  19:07:22 (5 days ago)
Awesome !
Comment on Bubbles's () pic:
28-Jun-17  13:27:23 (25 days ago)
Love photographing kookaburras, they're such posers!
Comment on SonicWarrior's () pic:
28-Jun-17  13:13:53 (25 days ago)
Nice shot though :-)
Comment on Fstop's () pic:
28-Jun-17  13:05:15 (25 days ago)
Comment on Fstop's () pic:
19-Jun-17  7:01:42 (34 days ago)
One tastes Good, the Other Not. :D
Comment on OldManEmu's () pic:
5-Jun-17  22:55:25 (48 days ago)
Beautiful :)
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
5-Jun-17  22:54:40 (48 days ago)
Huge snapping turtle at a local fishing pier. Looks like a cross between Jabba, and the Rancor monster...
Comment on WendySilvia's () pic:
5-Jun-17  14:29:15 (48 days ago)
Comment on WendySilvia's () pic:
5-Jun-17  14:28:27 (48 days ago)
cool i usually never see any just tracks lol
Comment on WendySilvia's () pic:
5-Jun-17  14:27:43 (48 days ago)
I do too :)
Comment on Fstop's () pic:
29-May-17  1:25:44 (56 days ago)
more difference than size??
Comment on Fstop's () pic:
29-May-17  1:25:02 (56 days ago)
wow cool pic...
Comment on Hackelberry77's () pic:
29-May-17  1:24:24 (56 days ago)
earlybird gets the worm ;)
Comment on Fstop's () pic:
26-May-17  6:56:59 (58 days ago)
Dug by hand in 1911 to 1912 took 13 months with picks and shovels, the straight single line bore is the longest in the country and the only tunnel to connect 2 different watersheds, and the Only tunnel to pass directly through the Great Dividing Range. [I read the history the other day]
Comment on Bubbles's () pic:
26-May-17  3:37:55 (59 days ago)
nice drop bear :D
Comment on SonicWarrior's () pic:
25-May-17  20:52:44 (59 days ago)
oh is london pride ale made of it ;)
Comment on ASugar_n_Spice09's () pic:
25-May-17  20:46:50 (59 days ago)
i need a hat like this ....
Comment on ElleFoxie's () pic:
25-May-17  12:32:28 (59 days ago)
I think the trade-off may be having to fill them with dirt.
Comment on SonicWarrior's () pic:
24-May-17  23:35:53 (60 days ago)
UPDATE - I've since found out it's a flower called "London Pride", and the photos of it on the internet put my badly-lit and poorly-focussed pic to shame!
Comment on SonicWarrior's () pic:
22-May-17  8:43:13 (62 days ago)
pretty wild flower and yes , a bit unusual too
Comment on Sunwhisper's () pic:
13-May-17  1:51:42 (72 days ago)
Comment on Sunwhisper's () pic:
13-May-17  1:07:44 (72 days ago)
Pretty :)
Comment on ElleFoxie's () pic:
9-May-17  11:45:53 (75 days ago)
I've seen plenty of hawks and other raptors around here, but I don't think I've ever seen an owl in the wild. Really neat! Oh, and good to see you :)
Comment on ElleFoxie's () pic:
9-May-17  5:03:26 (76 days ago)
they look good ! it will be easier than being on your knees

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