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Comment on Sonny's () pic:
13-Oct-17  5:30:55 (8 days ago)
Yes they do. I took the tour and it is a very small and claustrophobic sub. I'm very respectful of those who served on this tiny sub.
Comment on ASugar_n_Spice09's () pic:
10-Oct-17  4:52:02 (11 days ago)
Yes very nice. :D
Comment on jersey_girl's () pic:
10-Oct-17  4:48:45 (11 days ago)
Very good :D
Comment on juicy's () pic:
19-Sep-17  23:26:20 (31 days ago)
No camping trip is complete without it
Comment on EyesofTexas's () pic:
8-Sep-17  12:34:11 (43 days ago)
Kermit E Frog. Why are there so many rainbows? The rainbow connection. Is singing in my head. Thanks for sharing. In adversity there can be beauty. :D
Comment on Sonny's () pic:
5-Sep-17  11:17:50 (46 days ago)
I was thee years ago...very impressive! Do they still have the WW2 fleet submarine moored nearby?
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
2-Sep-17  11:57:26 (49 days ago) Oshkosh a few years ago.
Comment on juicy's () pic:
30-Aug-17  2:26:09 (52 days ago)
Wish I was there. Beautiful!!
Comment on juicy's () pic:
30-Aug-17  2:24:06 (52 days ago)
"Beer...proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy" Apparently, Benjamin Franklin never said this...but I like the sentiment ??
Comment on EyesofTexas's () pic:
30-Aug-17  0:33:03 (52 days ago)
I hope you and yours stayed safe.
Comment on EyesofTexas's () pic:
29-Aug-17  5:48:56 (53 days ago)
I like rainbows :) they are pretty :)
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
24-Aug-17  17:33:49 (58 days ago)
Comment on CaliMax's () pic:
24-Aug-17  17:32:51 (58 days ago)
No pool party...just relaxing at the house!
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
22-Aug-17  5:47:26 (60 days ago)
Is that Steve Bannon???
Comment on CaliMax's () pic:
19-Aug-17  12:31:10 (63 days ago)
Cool (looked like a popcorn)
Comment on Leonardo's () pic:
13-Aug-17  22:06:51 (68 days ago)
Didnt recognize ya with your clothes on lol
Comment on EyesofTexas's () pic:
13-Aug-17  10:00:30 (69 days ago)
Great picture but a sad day! :(
Comment on CaliMax's () pic:
10-Aug-17  16:40:34 (72 days ago)
pool party?
Comment on CaliMax's () pic:
10-Aug-17  16:39:51 (72 days ago)
hmm sign for bathroom?
Comment on EyesofTexas's () pic:
10-Aug-17  16:38:28 (72 days ago)
isch, the pic made the story times worse
Comment on EyesofTexas's () pic:
10-Aug-17  16:37:37 (72 days ago)
what is it about sunsets? (and rise) why are they so beautiful?
Comment on Shy1976's () pic:
7-Aug-17  2:43:39 (75 days ago)
Sweet Stella :)
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
2-Aug-17  20:25:05 (80 days ago)
oh this one calls to my estethic mind
Comment on photonut53's () pic:
1-Aug-17  2:16:48 (81 days ago)
Should have Mud Guards
Comment on Artistic's () pic:
26-Jul-17  18:29:57 (87 days ago)
Nice space, I could see sitting there with a beverage and a laptop.

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