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Comment on Brenda's () pic:
24-Apr-17  0:10:15 (5 hours ago)
umm! Well ! ya know? LMAO! I got about 4 colorful names but I will just go with interesting.
Comment on Brenda's () pic:
23-Apr-17  23:58:07 (5 hours ago)
Cell phone in hand, baby in the back seat, putting on make up in the mirror OH OH lolz thats just me hahahahahaha
Comment on Brenda's () pic:
23-Apr-17  23:55:50 (5 hours ago)
Is it not just Amazing how things get so populated so quickly?
Comment on Species5618's () pic:
23-Apr-17  23:52:52 (5 hours ago)
That is a beautiful catch! I love afternoons sky lines :)
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
23-Apr-17  23:51:28 (5 hours ago)
MMMMMM baby backs one of my favorits!
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
21-Apr-17  19:43:00 (2 days ago)
It's only 63°F outside, but to a Minnesotan in April...It may as well be 95° :). There's 3 racks of baby back ribs in there...Low and slow over oak and hickory...5 hrs. plus. Yummo! Spring has sprung !
Comment on Brenda's () pic:
20-Apr-17  20:05:29 (3 days ago)
I wonder what that could be.............
Comment on Brenda's () pic:
16-Apr-17  0:41:02 (8 days ago)
any ghosts??
Comment on ASugar_n_Spice09's () pic:
16-Apr-17  0:37:02 (8 days ago)
that is a very beautiful glass work
Comment on Paint_itLady's () pic:
15-Apr-17  9:06:49 (8 days ago)
Looks great!!!
Comment on Me1vin's () pic:
10-Apr-17  6:31:03 (13 days ago)
What's a confounded bridge?
Comment on Brenda's () pic:
8-Apr-17  23:11:21 (15 days ago)
cute twin
Comment on odines1's () pic:
8-Apr-17  23:10:36 (15 days ago)
oh i want one on our joint lawn
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
5-Apr-17  11:25:47 (18 days ago)
I didn't know 'till a few years ago that we had pelicans in Minnesota. They spend the summer in the northern part of the state. Ridiculous looking birds...but they are amazing "pilots"!
Comment on Bubbles's () pic:
3-Apr-17  17:35:40 (20 days ago)
lol "dont tell me what to do"
Comment on Brenda's () pic:
28-Mar-17  11:26:26 (26 days ago)
I've only seen 'em laying in the road...never sure if they were dead, or just...nevermind...... :).
Comment on Brenda's () pic:
28-Mar-17  11:19:55 (26 days ago)
a possum? looks like a giant rat
Comment on ElleFoxie's () pic:
26-Mar-17  14:12:07 (28 days ago)
lovely furries
Comment on Bubbles's () pic:
26-Mar-17  14:11:23 (28 days ago)
sure is :)
Comment on Bubbles's () pic:
26-Mar-17  14:10:32 (28 days ago)
Id sure love to see them in the "wild"
Comment on Fstop's () pic:
20-Mar-17  4:33:48 (35 days ago)
Cute little bugger.
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
17-Mar-17  15:45:59 (37 days ago)
Pigeons are poor tippers.
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
17-Mar-17  15:45:14 (37 days ago)
I'll have a pint of stout please
Comment on Cleaver1954's () pic:
17-Mar-17  11:45:11 (37 days ago)
dinner is served ;)
Comment on Vera's () pic:
17-Mar-17  6:17:10 (37 days ago)

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