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Wed, 20-Feb-19 9:04 AM (30 days ago)
posting web pics as your own is getting old n boring, please only post your own content
Tue, 1-Jan-19 3:25 AM (80 days ago)
Happy New Year everyone smile
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(74 days ago)
Mon, 24-Dec-18 8:34 PM (88 days ago)
Merry Christmas !! smile
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and on to 2019, twelve month and it will be 20years since the Millenial Meltdown, I remember working that night, and the only critical system had already been running for 3 hours, its clock was wrong
(87 days ago)
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Sun, 28-Oct-18 11:14 AM (145 days ago)
reminder, this site is not the place to advertise sex, half naked pics with bits hanging out, ... this site does have young ones look in who dont need to see that , plenty of other sites for that !!
and maybe read the rules before posting pics will explain that
(145 days ago)
(78 days ago)
Wed, 19-Sep-18 1:35 PM (184 days ago)
variety is the spice of life.... same thing over n over gets to much at times....
Opinions may vary from that shown on the box!
(183 days ago)
Thu, 6-Sep-18 11:00 AM (197 days ago)
love the new pics stoppy, smile
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Thank you, I was lucky to notice said varmit ambling along, it felt threatened by my presence after a bit, so i left it be, head and nose buried by the post. grin
(197 days ago)
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I removed the one pic, it was not in focus, I only saw that in the big pix, my eyes are affected sad
(195 days ago)
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Sun, 27-May-18 9:33 AM (299 days ago)
why does it ask to remember you when everytime I come back to this site i need to log in again cause it has forgotten me?
Not that easy forgotten smile
(298 days ago)
Fri, 30-Mar-18 1:58 AM (358 days ago)
here, like other places, you are meant to post only pics you take , not ones you get off the web smile
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this is not that far down the list but feel it needs a bump!
(350 days ago)
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Le Sigh. !
(350 days ago)
Sun, 31-Dec-17 4:47 AM (446 days ago)
Happy New Year to everyone and I second what Cleaver said, lets get this place happening again !!
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HNY .... Doing my bit when subjects present and I have the data to load them sad
(445 days ago)
Yeah same, no data till i home for any pics anywhere sad
(444 days ago)
HNY to you ALL heart
(441 days ago)
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Open the flood gate grin
(439 days ago)
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flood gate been open, post away everyone else grin
(410 days ago)
Thu, 21-Dec-17 12:20 PM (456 days ago)
few day early but Merry Christmas to you all smile have a day full of festive fun and frolics smile
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Seasons Greetings, Enjoy your festive festivities. grin
(454 days ago)
you too stoppy ! have a fab holiday time grin
(454 days ago)
Fri, 24-Nov-17 4:30 AM (483 days ago)
Hellooooooo there, anyone home ? grin
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No, I'm out on the Flatlands. grin
(480 days ago)
well stay there tongue
(480 days ago)
{ shhhhhh..... we're all asleep here }
(477 days ago)
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well wake up !! its Saturday morning ! smile
(476 days ago)
Wed, 3-May-17 11:54 PM (688 days ago)
how about we just post a pic of anything just to get this site going again ! come on people, lets post some pics, and for those other few , NO!, not those pics !!
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Perhaps another appeal on the MAINN site might be useful. It's worked before, for a short while. Then ALB slips back into its default state of sleepy inactivity!
(687 days ago)
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perhaps suggest it to the boss
(686 days ago)
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Posted A picture ... to help ? Perhaps, IF you into taking General Photography, perhaps this is a site where you could do that, regardless of who runs it or how many sites they run? Perhaps?
(683 days ago)
Sun, 9-Apr-17 12:30 AM (713 days ago)
please do not post web pics, if you want to do so, blog them instead with the story why smile
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bumpy bump
(710 days ago)
true that we like blogs too
(693 days ago)
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Sat, 8-Apr-17 10:12 PM (713 days ago)
the next topic can be chosen by Arty grin and just to clarify to those who think it is all you can post, its not, its just to try and get people to post pics ! anything can be posted grin
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hahahaha meanie... moving vehicles grin not depending on weather
(713 days ago)
lol thought you could pick tongue
(713 days ago)
sorry, i missed the last one, always try to get something,new too post, rather than old pictures,, will try and get something for this one,,
(712 days ago)
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Tue, 4-Apr-17 12:04 AM (718 days ago)
come on folks, post some pics on here, lets get this place happening again smile
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I understand bubbles I want this site to kick butt
(716 days ago)
nature pics or vacation us your work pics
(716 days ago)
the wild squirrels escape me wink soon there will be bunnys and swans im in the city not much wild except people LOL
(715 days ago)
LOLZ art yea take ya camera to Walmart right? hahahahha
(715 days ago)
come on Arty, I am sure you can catch just one wink
(713 days ago)
Sun, 26-Mar-17 2:36 AM (726 days ago)
ok who is chosing the next topic ?? someone , anyone please smile
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Urban wildlife? smile
(725 days ago)
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or just wildlife as some may not be in urban areas smile thanks brenda ! smile
(725 days ago)
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Hi bubbles I think I fixed the issue in my blog ..please check and let me know if it is ok. Thank you for the message ...Faith
(722 days ago)
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Sun, 19-Mar-17 11:53 AM (733 days ago)
Oi stoppy !! its birdie week not bug week tongue
I only do birds at night. tongue
(733 days ago)
Thu, 16-Mar-17 8:39 AM (736 days ago)
the old Emoo has chosen Birdies for this net topic so post away your birdie pics grin
oh and we will post away until the 25th March , another week smile then will change again
(734 days ago)
come on people, where are all your birdie pics for us to see ? grin
(730 days ago)
Wed, 15-Mar-17 8:21 AM (737 days ago)
ok who is chosing the next topic for us to post photos of ? someone please smile
Well it has to be birdies doesn't it? I've started already. wink
(736 days ago)
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thats cheatering tongue....but ok lol birdies it is grin
(736 days ago)
nice choice
(736 days ago)
Thu, 9-Mar-17 10:09 PM (743 days ago)
we seem to have a few water shots up now, anyone else going to join in our theme posting ? thanks to those that have already,it helps get the site going again smile
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Hello Bubbles, it is nice, i am struggling this time, to get one.. so much water around me as well, lol
(740 days ago)
how can you be struggling then? lol I am sure you will come up with one smile
(740 days ago)
I did, popped into the garden and got something,
(740 days ago)
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yay smile, knew you would smile
(740 days ago)
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lol, had plenty of old pictures,, but i want to post new ones
(740 days ago)
Sun, 5-Mar-17 10:17 AM (747 days ago)
ok, how does 'water' sound for the next us how creative you can be with water shots smile
water works for,,
(747 days ago)
oh and posted by the 15th mar
(746 days ago)
Mon, 27-Feb-17 8:11 PM (753 days ago)
for future reference, if you happen to get a spamming PM, send it to me or another mod, and then go to the actual profile of said person and REPORT them for spamming, just making a status will do ...
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nothing if we dont get a PM also....just saying might help smile
(753 days ago)
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lol I have done and sent to Admin, now to wait to see if I get a PM back smile Bubbles xox
(746 days ago)
yes I have sent PM's to admin also and none been read ...yet ...
(746 days ago)
Yep I did get a repl from Admin and a perp has gone smile yehaw x
(741 days ago)
yes me too smile possibly one the same as I had sent a few wink
(740 days ago)
Thu, 16-Feb-17 12:13 AM (765 days ago)
Seems to have gone into a quiet lull again here, need to get this place moving ! thoughts from anyone?
Maybe some competitions?
(761 days ago)
with what for prizes?
(761 days ago)
If not a competition, how about a theme of the week? Sun suggested this last year.
(761 days ago)
yes and that was also suggested before that when first started , it gets a few people in then dies off again
(761 days ago)
I only look, from time to time, just got the lovely bit of spam offering me pictures, as well,, was wondering, if they were going to be landscape pictures or a bit of Macro
(760 days ago)
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Thu, 9-Feb-17 11:17 PM (771 days ago)
Ya know , its not a good idea to use the same name here for ya profile as another place some of us know, specially if ya dont want your face know on other is meant to be unrelated .......
It's basic linkage... I'm the same Joanna as the one who was on the "other site"... but it never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people can be, on the big playground we like to call The Internet
(767 days ago)
Still, why shouldn't the most stupid incompetents just fall by the wayside? It's good evolution. Especially in the Donald Trump era smile
(767 days ago)
this status is 4 days old.... cripes... im leaving, boring here... I got a life to live..
(766 days ago)
so what if its 4 days old, if members contributed more here then it would be heaps better !
(764 days ago)
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now its 8 days old mr grumpy bum tongue
(762 days ago)
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Sun, 1-Jan-17 3:36 AM (810 days ago)
ah well, you cant please everyone....btw, i think a new year started too so Happy New Year to ya all
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and hny to you too brenda
(803 days ago)
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