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Sun, 23-Dec-18 6:05 AM (89 days ago)
Lets all post Nice Pictures, shall we?
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sure, what nice picture would you like to see?
(88 days ago)
Something that your friends/family would hang on their wall, should you happen to drop by. grin
(88 days ago)
so like a pretty flower or pretty pitcher of a lake or mountain or grass or land or even a nice building? grin
(88 days ago)
Tue, 12-Jun-18 6:42 AM (283 days ago)
Note : [to self] When trying to remove dust marks/flaws from pictures, try cleaning the laptop screen first. cool
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Yes, no matter how many times you clone the area, or zoom in, that darn pesky spot is still there angry
(282 days ago)
(282 days ago)
as long as i have had PS, I still got no idea on how to use all them little tool thingys grin
(282 days ago)
sound advice : in the top right corner is the best tool denoted by an ''x'' devil grin
(268 days ago)
I need to clean the laptop screen too.
(206 days ago)
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Mon, 28-May-18 6:32 PM (298 days ago)
Neat, 4 years. cool
cool, happy 4 yrsversary cool
(297 days ago)
There is a 'thought' that crosses my mind from time to time, and it returned yesterday. grin
(295 days ago)
oh that sounds dangerous haha tongue
(295 days ago)
No not dangerous, more perplexing. confused
(295 days ago)
hmm perplexing huh confused
(295 days ago)
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