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Leonardo's Recent Statuses
Mon, 27-Apr-15 2:09 AM (1365 days ago)
My notifications don't work here. Anyone else?
oh, ok...
(1364 days ago)
you can still click on it and it will take you to your notifications it just doesnt show when you have new ones smile
(1364 days ago)
Not had any since 10 days ago but then again I've not done anything in last 10 days either.
(1363 days ago)
Just sent myself a PM and I've got no idea that I received it tongue
(1363 days ago)
I think the little red LED lightbulb may have burned out, and it needs changing
(1361 days ago)
Thu, 9-Apr-15 2:12 AM (1383 days ago)
Chocolate bunnies taste good! Leonardoloveschocolatebunnies
ElleFoxie likes this
leo ,check your Cadburys Bunnies they have gone Halal smile
(1383 days ago)
only those that have alcohol in them of course smile
(1383 days ago)
Ah, I didn't get Cadbury, I had a Fannie May. haha, now I know that's one you haven't heard of! It's a local brand.
(1383 days ago)
Tru Dat...though i have read 'elsewhere' about that name brand tongue
(1383 days ago)
Chocolate Chickens melt when they are roasted anyway tongue
(1382 days ago)
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