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Shy1976's Recent Statuses
Sun, 14-Apr-19 2:16 AM (9 days ago)
hmmm... seems like someone is confused on what kinda of site this is
hope everyone is well here smile
(9 days ago)
Hi shy, long time no see, hugs
(7 days ago)
Fri, 15-Jun-18 12:35 AM (312 days ago)
Been to long....Hope everyone here is well! smile
Huggies muah to you and ya gurl hubble wink
(311 days ago)
Couple of Vegas Pics Uploaded....Enjoy!!!
(265 days ago)
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Sat, 8-Jul-17 1:38 AM (654 days ago)
Pics uploaded from my recent trip to Duluth MN with my girl. Enjoy smile
Mon, 30-Jan-17 10:18 PM (812 days ago)
Shared a couple vacation pics...Hope you all enjoy!! smile
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I saw, what ship did you go on and where to? i went on one recently also and loved it smile
(811 days ago)
thats a small ship, economy class ?? raspberry
(811 days ago)
Bubbles...Royal Caribbean....ship was called "Adventures of the Seas" smile
(811 days ago)
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we went to Barbados,St,Marten,St.Kitts,St.Lucia and Antugia
(811 days ago)
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ahh cool that is who mine was with too RC but Legend
(810 days ago)
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Mon, 26-Dec-16 1:42 AM (848 days ago)
Merry Christmas to All!! smile
Brenda likes this
to you to laugh
(847 days ago)
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hope ya had a good chrissy shy smile
(845 days ago)
There was no xmas..
(845 days ago)
i dont celebrate Jesus b-day, i dont know him tongue
(844 days ago)
Fri, 25-Nov-16 10:00 PM (878 days ago)
Hope Everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
one day i might get to experience thanksgiving wink
(877 days ago)
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Wed, 31-Aug-16 5:06 PM (964 days ago)
I think I might have scared away one of the new members here when I told her about our sister site that she was unaware of....Hey she asked grin lol
that this site would be completely different in that respect.wink
(962 days ago)
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I thought we were all aware of the the need to be discreet. That's why we keep referring to "the other side" rather than anything more overt.
(961 days ago)
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seems not with all the ones who post inappropriate photos on here, mind you , most of those would know and do know and just dont give two hoots about it
(961 days ago)
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no telling on us shy raspberry
(959 days ago)
We have a sister site? Well goodness gracious me! ohmy
(942 days ago)
Sun, 7-Aug-16 4:33 PM (988 days ago)
Happy Birthday to my playful girl (doggie) Stella!! smile
Stelllllllaaaaaa!!! (In my best Brando impression smile. Happy Birthday doggie!
(988 days ago)
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*throws doggytreats in the air* happy B day Stella
(988 days ago)
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thanks all...She's 1 today smile
(988 days ago)
I'm a bit late, but congrats ... please give her a hug for me ... smile
(985 days ago)
will do...thanks Sun smile
(983 days ago)
Fri, 22-Jul-16 9:50 PM (1004 days ago)
Few Nature pics up smile
Hello Shy
(1004 days ago)
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ello Paint lady wink
(1000 days ago)
Sat, 25-Jun-16 10:13 PM (1031 days ago)
hmmm..thought I'd try this site out...keep it real peeps smile
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Welcome smile it's a nice chill out place to relax smile
(1029 days ago)
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Howdy Shy... it's sort of quiet here smile
(1027 days ago)
howdy Joanna...So I noticed
(1027 days ago)
hello shy , nice to see ya here wink
(1027 days ago)
Shy1976 likes this
ello bubbles...thanks smile
(1026 days ago)
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