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Fri, 1-Jun-18 7:15 AM (325 days ago)
We are testing some new hosting infrastructure - please let me know via PM if you see any problems with the site
Roger that. Over. grin
(325 days ago)
Fri, 30-Mar-18 5:15 AM (388 days ago)
If you are interested in becoming a moderator here, please PM me.
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there has been one apply in last couple of days who would be a good mod for this site smile
(388 days ago)
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I'm a mod on 'another site' and I was recommended as a mod for here approx 2 years ago. I heard nothing, and never followed up on it as I mostly gave up on this site ages ago.
(364 days ago)
Sat, 3-Feb-18 4:23 PM (443 days ago)
Howdy all smile
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hello !
(443 days ago)
Howdy Admin, good to see you here. All's well I trust.
(442 days ago)
Yep all I am here and all is well
(442 days ago)
Greetings and salutations Boss smile
(442 days ago)
Sat, 11-Mar-17 3:33 AM (773 days ago)
Please read and contribute to my thread on the forum Here
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done and thank you re PM's smile
(773 days ago)
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Done smile
(772 days ago)
Done smile
(771 days ago)
Wed, 1-Feb-17 5:02 AM (810 days ago)
Menus are now fixed!
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Cheers Boss wink heart
(810 days ago)
Wed, 23-Nov-16 7:21 PM (880 days ago)
Need to fix these menus - sorry about that folks!
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yeah, needs a soup n some desserts too laugh
(878 days ago)
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Tue, 24-May-16 8:56 AM (1063 days ago)
Cleaver1954 won last week's prize btw
congratulations Cleaver
(1062 days ago)
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Hi, and thanks folks! Don't know for which pic...pretty sure it wasn't the pizza one smile.
(1062 days ago)
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Maybe Admin was hungry when they picked the winning picture grin
(1062 days ago)
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In some ways, this is fairly typical. A competition that few (if any) knew was running, and no-one knows what the winning item is! Oh deary deary me.
(1061 days ago)
That sounds like a metaphor for life, Joanna
(1060 days ago)
Tue, 24-May-16 8:55 AM (1063 days ago)
We are aware of some strange login behavior here and are investigating
it is happening on other also smile
(1063 days ago)
Ok thanks
(1063 days ago)
Sat, 23-Apr-16 6:16 AM (1094 days ago)
Great pics guys, keep 'em coming!
I will agree the folks on here post great photos
(1094 days ago)
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Wed, 20-Apr-16 1:07 PM (1097 days ago)
time for some michael
oo he's hard ot see here
(1097 days ago)
cos of the background colour maybe?
(1097 days ago)
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(1097 days ago)
I for one like this colour. These are my types of colours.
(1097 days ago)
Wed, 20-Apr-16 1:04 PM (1097 days ago)
Ok that didnt work
noone saw that did they wink
(1097 days ago)
saw what ? wink
(1097 days ago)
No, of course not * nods* 0-o
(1097 days ago)
If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you! tongue
(1097 days ago)
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Wed, 20-Apr-16 12:52 PM (1097 days ago)
Looks for the like button on topcats multi tasking post
didn't realise I had switched it off: )
(1097 days ago)
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Wed, 20-Apr-16 12:39 PM (1097 days ago)
Apologies notification icon seems to be faulty over here - will get that fixed ASAP
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hmm - maybe it is working - but the colours are *puke*
(1097 days ago)
never seen it have the numbers like over there but if you click it, it does take you to your notifications
(1097 days ago)
yes which are then almost illedgible ! - will fix
(1097 days ago)
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cool smile thanks
(1097 days ago)
Mon, 22-Feb-16 4:44 PM (1155 days ago)
New Colour Scheme
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liking the new colours smile
(1153 days ago)
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The photo presentation page is satisfactory. The colour scheme is satisfactory. Some other factors fall short, however.
(1151 days ago)
Getting better smile
(1147 days ago)
Eeew!! Don't like the new Status colors Boss wtf .. Have another look for yourself, eh?? huh
(1137 days ago)
The white backround is a bit too much, maybe.
(1137 days ago)
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Thu, 29-Oct-15 10:11 AM (1271 days ago)
I can like my own statuses!
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And also like comments! grin What is not to like?
(1271 days ago)
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Yay smile
(1271 days ago)
Tue, 31-Mar-15 12:46 AM (1484 days ago)
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Mon, 23-Jun-14 6:41 AM (1764 days ago)
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