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Mon, 20-Jan-20 12:13 PM (3 hours ago)
Just here ,
Sat, 21-Dec-19 1:18 PM (30 days ago)
Merry Xmas
Merry Christmas Arty smile
(29 days ago)
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Wed, 11-Dec-19 3:11 AM (40 days ago)
HI all, Its been a while but I wanna say hi and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!! smile
Always a pleasure to see you Shy smile
(40 days ago)
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hey there shy smile
(38 days ago)
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HI Arti smile Hi Bubbles smile
(37 days ago)
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Thu, 12-Dec-19 2:43 PM (39 days ago)
*Taps microphone...Is this thing still working?
speak up, we cant hear you back here grin
(38 days ago)
Mon, 25-Nov-19 4:17 PM (55 days ago)
Hi all anyone in Bradenton florida want to play today
badminton... or boule??
(55 days ago)
Mon, 18-Nov-19 5:47 AM (63 days ago)
Mon, 18-Nov-19 5:46 AM (63 days ago)
Hi friends and friends of friends. I was thinking if I've misbehaved or said anything wrong I wwpt
Mon, 4-Nov-19 3:44 AM (77 days ago)
Kno body ever answers.. should I take it on the run or just take it to the limit one more time?
Tue, 17-Sep-19 11:52 AM (125 days ago)
Boo !!
Thu, 1-Aug-19 11:56 PM (171 days ago)
been a while since i was on here, how are we all ? grin
Oldaussieguy likes this
5? that many LOL
(168 days ago)
Well the more active ones tongue
(166 days ago)
atm, i only see 2 lol tongue
(166 days ago)
Hello to the 5 grin
(144 days ago)
here is # 3 ! grin
(141 days ago)
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Mon, 22-Jul-19 10:52 PM (181 days ago)
Ahhh a day of rain..... smile
Thu, 4-Jul-19 3:09 AM (200 days ago)
Happy fourth dont let fireworks scare the animals heart
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Fri, 28-Jun-19 5:18 AM (206 days ago)
I'll be back to finish that story
Fri, 28-Jun-19 5:17 AM (206 days ago)
Man..Talk about make a grown man cry, All this flooding, been so busy day and night trying to help comfort the unfortunate folks that have lost everything they ever worked for Bridges washed away
Thu, 23-May-19 7:33 PM (241 days ago)
well ops Alb has mirror sites too blink
Sun, 14-Apr-19 2:16 AM (281 days ago)
hmmm... seems like someone is confused on what kinda of site this is
hope everyone is well here smile
(281 days ago)
Hi shy, long time no see, hugs
(280 days ago)
Mods. Latest pic a no no
(245 days ago)
Hi Arti
(245 days ago)
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Fri, 22-Mar-19 1:16 AM (304 days ago)
Wow, it's lively in here, how do you all keep up? tongue
Leonardo likes this
I just slow it down, slow it down man!
(298 days ago)
dirtycopper likes this
if I went any slower the bottom status might catch up to us here
(298 days ago)
dirtycopper likes this
It's like a slow relaxed pace of life in here
(288 days ago)
Bubbles likes this
a place to come and chill
(288 days ago)
The blogs might need some looking over, since live cant remove stuff there
(280 days ago)
Thu, 11-Apr-19 5:19 PM (283 days ago)
Haven't been here in a looong time, who still uses this site?
Artistic likes this
we pop in now and then smile
(283 days ago)
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Mon, 11-Mar-19 4:28 PM (314 days ago)
Uh. meow?
Leonardo likes this
geez how any kitties?
(301 days ago)
Hi! What you up to?
(298 days ago)
Mon, 7-Jan-19 2:34 AM (1 year ago)
before there was no chat button, now theres no forum button?? smoke hmm
umm been no forum button for long time now ... hmmmm smoke
(1 year ago)
I guess this is primarily a pic posting site. If only there was a place where we could do both!
(362 days ago)
not enough used the forum to keep it going i would expect,
(350 days ago)
lol its still there just cos button is gone
(329 days ago)
yes, i know it still there for those that know how, just meant button thingy gone as it not used
(323 days ago)
Wed, 20-Feb-19 9:04 AM (334 days ago)
posting web pics as your own is getting old n boring, please only post your own content
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Tue, 19-Feb-19 5:27 AM (335 days ago)
Just left Jackson Miss. On the way to Little Rock Arkansas.then Springfield MO. Then home for couple months. OMG what a tour Sometimes am glad it's over, other times it's little sad knowing you have f
Tue, 1-Jan-19 3:25 AM (1 year ago)
Happy New Year everyone smile
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(1 year ago)
Mon, 24-Dec-18 8:34 PM (1 year ago)
Merry Christmas !! smile
Leonardo likes this
and on to 2019, twelve month and it will be 20years since the Millenial Meltdown, I remember working that night, and the only critical system had already been running for 3 hours, its clock was wrong
(1 year ago)
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Sun, 23-Dec-18 6:05 AM (1 year ago)
Lets all post Nice Pictures, shall we?
Leonardo likes this
sure, what nice picture would you like to see?
(1 year ago)
Something that your friends/family would hang on their wall, should you happen to drop by. grin
(1 year ago)
so like a pretty flower or pretty pitcher of a lake or mountain or grass or land or even a nice building? grin
(1 year ago)
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