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Mon, 11-Mar-19 4:28 PM (8 days ago)
Uh. meow?
Mon, 7-Jan-19 2:34 AM (72 days ago)
before there was no chat button, now theres no forum button?? smoke hmm
umm been no forum button for long time now ... hmmmm smoke
(71 days ago)
I guess this is primarily a pic posting site. If only there was a place where we could do both!
(56 days ago)
not enough used the forum to keep it going i would expect,
(43 days ago)
lol its still there just cos button is gone
(23 days ago)
yes, i know it still there for those that know how, just meant button thingy gone as it not used
(17 days ago)
Wed, 20-Feb-19 9:04 AM (27 days ago)
posting web pics as your own is getting old n boring, please only post your own content
Tue, 19-Feb-19 5:27 AM (29 days ago)
Just left Jackson Miss. On the way to Little Rock Arkansas.then Springfield MO. Then home for couple months. OMG what a tour Sometimes am glad it's over, other times it's little sad knowing you have f
Thu, 20-Dec-18 2:30 PM (89 days ago)
So no one Missed me here?
of course we did mrC smile
(88 days ago)
You were sorely missed by all.
(56 days ago)
Tue, 1-Jan-19 3:25 AM (78 days ago)
Happy New Year everyone smile
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(72 days ago)
Sun, 28-Oct-18 11:14 AM (142 days ago)
reminder, this site is not the place to advertise sex, half naked pics with bits hanging out, ... this site does have young ones look in who dont need to see that , plenty of other sites for that !!
and maybe read the rules before posting pics will explain that
(142 days ago)
(75 days ago)
Mon, 24-Dec-18 8:34 PM (85 days ago)
Merry Christmas !! smile
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and on to 2019, twelve month and it will be 20years since the Millenial Meltdown, I remember working that night, and the only critical system had already been running for 3 hours, its clock was wrong
(84 days ago)
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Sun, 23-Dec-18 6:05 AM (86 days ago)
Lets all post Nice Pictures, shall we?
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sure, what nice picture would you like to see?
(86 days ago)
Something that your friends/family would hang on their wall, should you happen to drop by. grin
(85 days ago)
so like a pretty flower or pretty pitcher of a lake or mountain or grass or land or even a nice building? grin
(85 days ago)
Sun, 18-Nov-18 9:42 AM (121 days ago)
Not really nothing
(106 days ago)
Thu, 8-Nov-18 10:32 AM (131 days ago)
47 days till Christmas...
Wed, 19-Sep-18 1:35 PM (181 days ago)
variety is the spice of life.... same thing over n over gets to much at times....
Opinions may vary from that shown on the box!
(180 days ago)
Thu, 6-Sep-18 11:00 AM (194 days ago)
love the new pics stoppy, smile
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Thank you, I was lucky to notice said varmit ambling along, it felt threatened by my presence after a bit, so i left it be, head and nose buried by the post. grin
(194 days ago)
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I removed the one pic, it was not in focus, I only saw that in the big pix, my eyes are affected sad
(192 days ago)
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Tue, 12-Jun-18 6:42 AM (280 days ago)
Note : [to self] When trying to remove dust marks/flaws from pictures, try cleaning the laptop screen first. cool
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Yes, no matter how many times you clone the area, or zoom in, that darn pesky spot is still there angry
(280 days ago)
(279 days ago)
as long as i have had PS, I still got no idea on how to use all them little tool thingys grin
(279 days ago)
sound advice : in the top right corner is the best tool denoted by an ''x'' devil grin
(265 days ago)
I need to clean the laptop screen too.
(203 days ago)
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Sat, 18-Aug-18 1:14 PM (213 days ago)
Been on tour with my band now it's my time!! Going.. somewhere lol
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Wed, 1-Aug-18 10:20 AM (230 days ago)
Thunder and rain, 5 min ... That ok ill order a hundred of those smile
welcome rain is it? send some this way if ya can thanks smile
(230 days ago)
never got the chance sad i think the weed nicked all the water, only thing green
(227 days ago)
bugger, we need rain here badly
(227 days ago)
Fri, 15-Jun-18 12:35 AM (278 days ago)
Been to long....Hope everyone here is well! smile
Huggies muah to you and ya gurl hubble wink
(277 days ago)
Couple of Vegas Pics Uploaded....Enjoy!!!
(231 days ago)
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Fri, 13-Jul-18 2:12 AM (250 days ago)
Have you heard about the new restaurant called Karma?
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There’s no menu: You get what you deserve.
(250 days ago)
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are these jokes or someone pissed you off?
(248 days ago)
Jokes fitting my mood that day....its getting hard to live on air sad
(245 days ago)
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yes, it is hard living on air
(244 days ago)
Tue, 17-Jul-18 8:40 AM (245 days ago)
Cracking morning. might do more pics x
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Fri, 13-Jul-18 2:09 AM (250 days ago)
Helvetica and Times New Roman walk into a bar. -“Get out of here!” shouts the bartender. “We don’t serve your type.”
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Tue, 3-Jul-18 8:37 PM (259 days ago)
Now i want a new gold trinket LOL
(259 days ago)
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Mon, 11-Jun-18 12:43 AM (282 days ago)
I am here to gain his love .Age does not matter . age is just a number
Tue, 5-Jun-18 9:27 PM (287 days ago)
Was thinking I shouldn't leave such exciting company...
Fri, 1-Jun-18 7:15 AM (291 days ago)
We are testing some new hosting infrastructure - please let me know via PM if you see any problems with the site
Roger that. Over. grin
(291 days ago)
Mon, 28-May-18 6:32 PM (295 days ago)
Neat, 4 years. cool
cool, happy 4 yrsversary cool
(294 days ago)
There is a 'thought' that crosses my mind from time to time, and it returned yesterday. grin
(292 days ago)
oh that sounds dangerous haha tongue
(292 days ago)
No not dangerous, more perplexing. confused
(292 days ago)
hmm perplexing huh confused
(292 days ago)
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