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Thu, 22-Mar-18 10:08 AM (20 hours ago)
We need a bunny emoji for easter
Wed, 21-Mar-18 3:06 PM (1 day ago)
Hmm I just seen a nice view
Fri, 9-Mar-18 7:10 AM (13 days ago)
Well we just pulled into Denver.. getting ready for the weekend
Wed, 28-Feb-18 1:14 PM (22 days ago)
Finally home from the bright lights and night lives
sound like you been on tour
(22 days ago)
Yeah been pretty tired
(16 days ago)
Tue, 6-Mar-18 8:43 PM (16 days ago)
Wow things are getting crazy round here////
Tue, 27-Feb-18 6:17 PM (23 days ago)
How is life around these parts?
be better if people started posting pics again
(23 days ago)
KingScream likes this
hey dude, wazz up?, hope you re ok? muah
(22 days ago)
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Wed, 14-Feb-18 10:51 AM (36 days ago)
Happy Valentine
Jusaying likes this
Hi Arti muahhh, lol
(35 days ago)
Jusaying likes this
muah Jus
(35 days ago)
Thu, 19-Oct-17 11:42 PM (154 days ago)
Took out the latest phisherman... Or should I say phisherwoman Buh bye
SonicWarrior likes this
Be safe n come back, silly girl
(40 days ago)
Sun, 31-Dec-17 4:47 AM (82 days ago)
Happy New Year to everyone and I second what Cleaver said, lets get this place happening again !!
Brenda and SiteAdmin like this
HNY .... Doing my bit when subjects present and I have the data to load them
(80 days ago)
Yeah same, no data till i home for any pics anywhere
(80 days ago)
HNY to you ALL
(76 days ago)
Bubbles, Cleaver1954 and Brenda like this
Open the flood gate
(74 days ago)
Bubbles likes this
flood gate been open, post away everyone else
(45 days ago)
Sat, 3-Feb-18 4:23 PM (47 days ago)
Howdy all
Brenda likes this
hello !
(47 days ago)
Howdy Admin, good to see you here. All's well I trust.
(46 days ago)
Yep all I am here and all is well
(46 days ago)
Greetings and salutations Boss
(46 days ago)
Mon, 22-Jan-18 1:13 AM (60 days ago)
I love Bubbles photo, she found fairyland
Bubbles likes this
lol, thanks Arty
(59 days ago)
Sat, 30-Dec-17 11:32 PM (82 days ago)
Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone . Haven't been too active here 'bout a New Years Resolution to liven this place up in 2018?
Brenda likes this
Liven? ... Ummm post a pic or 2 sometime?
(80 days ago)
Hey...check the front page .
(79 days ago)
Sun, 24-Dec-17 6:19 PM (88 days ago)
Happy holidays whatever you celebrate XOXOXO
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Thu, 21-Dec-17 12:20 PM (91 days ago)
few day early but Merry Christmas to you all have a day full of festive fun and frolics
Cleaver1954 likes this
Seasons Greetings, Enjoy your festive festivities.
(89 days ago)
you too stoppy ! have a fab holiday time
(89 days ago)
Fri, 24-Nov-17 4:30 AM (119 days ago)
Hellooooooo there, anyone home ?
Brenda likes this
No, I'm out on the Flatlands.
(116 days ago)
well stay there
(115 days ago)
{ shhhhhh..... we're all asleep here }
(112 days ago)
Brenda likes this
well wake up !! its Saturday morning !
(111 days ago)
Tue, 7-Nov-17 1:56 PM (135 days ago)
No one missed me then?
Brenda likes this
of course we have , how are you Elle?
(134 days ago)
You were sorely missed by all.
(125 days ago)
Sat, 28-Oct-17 12:47 PM (145 days ago)
has anyone heard from hickchick?
(137 days ago)
Tue, 24-Oct-17 8:42 PM (149 days ago)
Happy Birthday Bubbles
SonicWarrior likes this
thank you, didnt realise it showed up on here too
(149 days ago)
Brenda likes this
Sat, 14-Oct-17 5:49 AM (160 days ago)
Looking for some good Mom pics!
wont find them type here, its not what this site is for !
(159 days ago)
Wed, 20-Sep-17 3:15 AM (184 days ago)
Test results = I have recurring,repetative Multiple Sclerosis. I have to take 3 injections per week could be worse I guess ... x
..yes it could be, positive thinking Elle xx
(183 days ago)
(181 days ago)
well that sucks big time
(181 days ago)
Mon, 11-Sep-17 4:21 AM (193 days ago)
I got my diagnosis on all my tests.
and ? all good was it?
(192 days ago)
Tue, 29-Aug-17 3:44 AM (206 days ago)
Your rainbow has been posted, Bubbles!
Bubbles and Shy1976 like this
I would like a rainbow to. please.
(195 days ago)
Mon, 7-Aug-17 3:01 AM (228 days ago)
Haven't logged in here in forever. I couldn't even remember my user name. lol... uploaded a few pics from my summer. *waves*
Artistic and KingScream like this
bout time you came back and saw us here
(228 days ago)
EyesofTexas likes this
*Tsunamis* Insurance job? re last picture. I'm always suspicious of certain things that seem to burn for unapparent reasons?
(228 days ago)
EyesofTexas likes this
Explosions from a faulty pump that was pumping diesel out of a boat being worked on.
(227 days ago)
Bubbles likes this
Excellent. Nice to see some fresh life in here
(217 days ago)
not enough fresh life tho, needs more and more often too
(215 days ago)
Thu, 17-Aug-17 3:21 PM (217 days ago)
First uploads in ages
Artistic and Fstop like this
Mon, 24-Jul-17 9:48 PM (241 days ago)
Lumbar puncture done and I get the results from my Neurologist 3rd August. No trouble with the procedure
Bubbles, Cleaver1954 and Artistic like this
good to hear ill cross my toes so i still can write
(239 days ago)
Good luck with the results - I hope all is well xox
(235 days ago)
how did it go ?
(224 days ago)
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