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Sun, 27-May-18 9:33 AM (13 hours ago)
why does it ask to remember you when everytime I come back to this site i need to log in again cause it has forgotten me?
Thu, 26-Apr-18 5:46 PM (31 days ago)
ok spring rain, but rain, sun, hail in one day is over doing it
Sun, 22-Apr-18 2:35 PM (35 days ago)
The two ladies I talked to take care you was very polite. You Kno who you are.
Fascinating. If Brenda was still here, I doubt she would waste much time in deleting this
(34 days ago)
no reason to delete, it doesnt break any rules
(33 days ago)
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Fri, 30-Mar-18 5:15 AM (58 days ago)
If you are interested in becoming a moderator here, please PM me.
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there has been one apply in last couple of days who would be a good mod for this site
(58 days ago)
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I'm a mod on 'another site' and I was recommended as a mod for here approx 2 years ago. I heard nothing, and never followed up on it as I mostly gave up on this site ages ago.
(34 days ago)
Tue, 10-Apr-18 4:30 PM (47 days ago)
Spring, finally ... *singing*
Fri, 30-Mar-18 1:58 AM (58 days ago)
here, like other places, you are meant to post only pics you take , not ones you get off the web
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this is not that far down the list but feel it needs a bump!
(51 days ago)
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Le Sigh. !
(51 days ago)
Thu, 5-Apr-18 8:11 AM (52 days ago)
Hmm I'm not gettin it..
Tue, 27-Mar-18 1:34 PM (61 days ago)
Please remember this site is for everyday photos, also when you comment, thank you
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Thu, 22-Mar-18 10:08 AM (66 days ago)
We need a bunny emoji for easter
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Yes we do!
(64 days ago)
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any holiday
(64 days ago)
Wed, 21-Mar-18 3:06 PM (67 days ago)
Hmm I just seen a nice view
Fri, 9-Mar-18 7:10 AM (79 days ago)
Well we just pulled into Denver.. getting ready for the weekend
Wed, 28-Feb-18 1:14 PM (88 days ago)
Finally home from the bright lights and night lives
sound like you been on tour
(87 days ago)
Yeah been pretty tired
(82 days ago)
Tue, 6-Mar-18 8:43 PM (82 days ago)
Wow things are getting crazy round here////
Tue, 27-Feb-18 6:17 PM (89 days ago)
How is life around these parts?
be better if people started posting pics again
(88 days ago)
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hey dude, wazz up?, hope you re ok? muah
(87 days ago)
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Wed, 14-Feb-18 10:51 AM (102 days ago)
Happy Valentine
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Hi Arti muahhh, lol
(101 days ago)
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muah Jus
(101 days ago)
Sun, 31-Dec-17 4:47 AM (147 days ago)
Happy New Year to everyone and I second what Cleaver said, lets get this place happening again !!
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HNY .... Doing my bit when subjects present and I have the data to load them
(146 days ago)
Yeah same, no data till i home for any pics anywhere
(145 days ago)
HNY to you ALL
(142 days ago)
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Open the flood gate
(140 days ago)
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flood gate been open, post away everyone else
(111 days ago)
Sat, 3-Feb-18 4:23 PM (113 days ago)
Howdy all
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hello !
(112 days ago)
Howdy Admin, good to see you here. All's well I trust.
(112 days ago)
Yep all I am here and all is well
(112 days ago)
Greetings and salutations Boss
(111 days ago)
Mon, 22-Jan-18 1:13 AM (125 days ago)
I love Bubbles photo, she found fairyland
Bubbles likes this
lol, thanks Arty
(125 days ago)
Sat, 30-Dec-17 11:32 PM (147 days ago)
Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone . Haven't been too active here 'bout a New Years Resolution to liven this place up in 2018?
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Liven? ... Ummm post a pic or 2 sometime?
(146 days ago)
Hey...check the front page .
(145 days ago)
Sun, 24-Dec-17 6:19 PM (154 days ago)
Happy holidays whatever you celebrate XOXOXO
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Thu, 21-Dec-17 12:20 PM (157 days ago)
few day early but Merry Christmas to you all have a day full of festive fun and frolics
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Seasons Greetings, Enjoy your festive festivities.
(155 days ago)
you too stoppy ! have a fab holiday time
(155 days ago)
Fri, 24-Nov-17 4:30 AM (184 days ago)
Hellooooooo there, anyone home ?
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No, I'm out on the Flatlands.
(181 days ago)
well stay there
(181 days ago)
{ shhhhhh..... we're all asleep here }
(178 days ago)
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well wake up !! its Saturday morning !
(176 days ago)
Tue, 7-Nov-17 1:56 PM (201 days ago)
No one missed me then?
Brenda likes this
of course we have , how are you Elle?
(200 days ago)
You were sorely missed by all.
(190 days ago)
Sat, 28-Oct-17 12:47 PM (211 days ago)
has anyone heard from hickchick?
(203 days ago)
Tue, 24-Oct-17 8:42 PM (215 days ago)
Happy Birthday Bubbles
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thank you, didnt realise it showed up on here too
(215 days ago)
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