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Category: Food  ID: 8742
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Date Posted: 8-Oct-23
Subject gender: Male & Female
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29-Oct-23  (126 days ago)
Mmmmm! Now I'm hungry! Don't listen to Bubbles, put anchovies on it and forget about any suggestion of pineapple, that belongs in the fruit salad for dessert.
15-Oct-23  (139 days ago)
It was onion and pepperoni.
9-Oct-23  (146 days ago)
Looking for da meat..
8-Oct-23  (147 days ago)
but as stoppy says, it needs more toppings on it , minus the salty fishy things, and plus pineapple, capsicum too 😁
8-Oct-23  (147 days ago)
what time is dinner lenny? Im on the way now :D lol
8-Oct-23  (147 days ago)
AH !! thats better, but I think it need fish flavoured salt [anchovies] olives ground beef onion garlic flakes ham bacon smallgoods and cheesy garlic bread :D
8-Oct-23  (147 days ago)
oooh that looks yummy :)
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