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Category: Nature  ID: 7613
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Date Posted: 29-May-20
Subject gender: Male & Female
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2-Jun-20  (38 days ago)
The yellow fruiting vine blooms April to November while the purple flowers in March through April. Fruits can be expected to ripen 70 to 80 days after pollination. This means passion fruit harvest time is around the end of summer into fall for purple vines and may be through winter for the yellow form.
2-Jun-20  (38 days ago)
Definitely not appetising! I left it outside and the possums haven't touched it so it obviously hasn't impressed them either. They're growing on a vine in the local park where I take most of the shots I post here, haven't changed at all in size or colour in the 8 weeks or so since I first noticed them.
1-Jun-20  (38 days ago)
actually I read that the fruit in season now is a yellow colour when ripe and the fruit nearer to summer is the purple variety when ripe, summer one being the sweeter of the two. Yes there is other varieties too like the banana passionfruit for eg
1-Jun-20  (39 days ago)
''The fruit of Passiflora incarnata is fairly small, a bit larger than a golf ball. I was expecting it to start turning purple as it ripened, but that wasn’t the case. The fruit stays green, gaining tinges of yellow as it ripens.'' it doesnt look to conform to a purple pasionfruit, to me? Big Sis grows them and also yellow variety, its a long time since I've seen them growing to remember if they are purple early on? No matter what stage this specimen is at, it don't look appetising to me :(
29-May-20  (42 days ago)
Yup, definitely a passionfruit. Yummy!
29-May-20  (42 days ago)
wait till they ripen, they will be sweet tasting and smell nice too
29-May-20  (42 days ago)
Really? I suppose it's obvious now that you've said it, but that didn't even occur to me when I cut it open. And it certainly doesn't smell like a passion fruit.
29-May-20  (42 days ago)
oh that is a passionfruit, not ripe they should start going a purple colour sometime soon
29-May-20  (42 days ago)
And here's our specimen cut open. I still don't have a clue....
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