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Saturday, February 2, 2019, 8:08:13 PM- The Complete Guide to Increase Your Blog Traffic
Here is a complete guide to increase your blog traffic. If you are unable to write an academic paper about blog traffic, then you can get help from the expert’s writer of

Cost of your blog
Calculating the cost of your blog is a challenging task, because, it’s dependent on the types of platforms you use or resources you employ (for example, many standard Word press themes are free while other complex content management systems may be very expensive). Many company blogs often include work from a group of contributors. Therefore, it is most important to define various post attributes to ensure consistency across different writers. Here are some characteristics that you should keep in mind in order to increase your blog traffic:
• Have a personality
• Tell a story
• Be contextually relevant
• Sound like a real person
• Have a point of view

Choose an outstanding theme
You should select an outclass theme for your blog. Picking your blog’s theme is most important section. It is the first step to develop your writing style, which you will cover later in the manual. Therefore, you should choose an outstanding theme in order to increase your blog traffic.
• Colour scheme
• Typography
• Post length
• Use of other media

High Content quality
Quality content provides instant value to the reader. Value means knowledge, entertainment, or inspiration. High quality content can increase your followers. You can follow this prescription for quality content. You have to provide the value. Here are some key characteristics:
• Unique & Original
• Relatable
• Well Organized.

Subheadings are helpful to identify the main points of each section and leads readers through the content. You should write your sentences short and sweet. Keep it shorter than 10 words. Whitespace helps your reader’s eye focus on the screen. You should write 3 sentences in one paragraph, because, 1-3 sentence paragraphs are perfect. You can use bulleted or numbered lists as often as it makes sense. You can use bold and italics to highlight key terms and add emphasis to make your points clear. You should stay away from underlining words, because, it looks oblivious and dull.

Use social media
Social media is another great channel to gain traffic to your website. The purpose of social media should always be strategic… don’t just post on social media to “have a presence.” For many businesses, social media can be a platform to generate blog traffic, business leads, and, ultimately, sales. The key to social media is to provide value more than asking for things. Stay publishing content on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged and informed. It is a very beneficial and useful step that you can use in order to increase your blog traffic. If you are infrequent with your posts, your readers may lose confidence in your authority. You should find the right frequency for your bandwidth.

Use email
You should use email in order to increase your blog traffic. You should start a welcome email series; because it is a great way to stay connected with people. It is the most useful tip that you should follow in order to increase your blog traffic. A welcome email series is the best platform to introduce your company and value proposition. You should send a birthday discount to your customers.
• Deliver lead magnet and introduction to your brand.
• Highlight a specific tip in the lead magnet.
• Share the content of value from your blog.
• Sales offer with a time limit.
• Create a survey to find interests.

Stay connect with influencers
Influencers are the fastest free way to explode traffic numbers for your blog. It is a long-term, time-intensive effort. The idea is to create a lasting relationship with people who hold influence in your industry. You should write guest posts. This is a very beneficial step that you should follow. Like to the industry influencers, you can build relationships with other content creators in your industry. Your goal with content creators is to secure guest posts, cross promotions, back links, or other marketing opportunities that are beneficial for your blog. Therefore, you should stay connected with influencers in order to increase your blog traffic. Here are some ways to build those relationships:
• Follow on all social media platforms
• Subscribe to their email list
• Share their content
• Tag them in your content
• Engage in conversation on their posts
• Follow the media’s social media profiles to see what stories they cover
• Follow reporter(s) who cover stories related to your business
• Comment and share on stories as it makes sense
• Pitch to the media outlet or reporter directly using a press release
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