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Sat, 30-Dec-17 11:32 PM (542 days ago)
Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to everyone smile. Haven't been too active here 'bout a New Years Resolution to liven this place up in 2018?
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Liven? ... Ummm post a pic or 2 sometime? tongue
(540 days ago)
Hey...check the front page smile.
(539 days ago)
Wed, 9-Nov-16 11:56 AM (958 days ago)
What just happened?
heck if I know? blink
(958 days ago)
We had a historic presidential election. Was going to happen either way. I am taking a "wait and see" stance.
(958 days ago)
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I'm "Prepping" for the END of the world tongue
(958 days ago)
i sneaked down supplies in our bombshelter unsure
(957 days ago)
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Fri, 4-Nov-16 7:00 PM (963 days ago)
I went fishing today...November my shirt sleeves! To quote the Cowardly Lion, "Unusual weather we're having, ain't it?".
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Oh my!!
(963 days ago)
I imagine that is very unusual
(961 days ago)
Sun, 16-Oct-16 9:11 PM (982 days ago)
Went for a "Fall foliage" tour today...short road trip across the river to Wisconsin. Sunny day...beautiful leaves smile.
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I wanted to get to New England this year for a road trip to see the foliage but don't think it is going to happen.
(981 days ago)
Mon, 12-Sep-16 2:33 AM (1017 days ago)
Seems we have to work some to keep this place going! I'm having fun, so will throw out week two theme of...How 'bout food? Run with it!
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done! smile
(1015 days ago)
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dang...not cocking at the moment, i miss my thai curry chicken.... unsure
(1013 days ago)
Amusing "typo" Arti smile.
(1013 days ago)
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ops not intended lol
(1011 days ago)
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my mind must have been on the other side blush
(1011 days ago)
Sat, 20-Aug-16 1:52 PM (1039 days ago)
I did it! Applied for my Social Security benefit...first check to arrive in December. Next thing I'll be playing chess and feeding the pigeons in the park...
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lol ... I find it difficult to see you as old ... people like you never gets old, maybe slower ... smile smile
(1039 days ago)
Don't forget your cardigan and slippers! We don't want you catching a cold at the park tongue
(1038 days ago)
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And baggy corduroys...don't forget the baggy corduroys smile.
(1038 days ago)
Tue, 19-Jul-16 12:12 AM (1072 days ago)
Wow...I'm busier now than before I retired! I've heard this from others, and I'm not! smile.
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As long as you enjoy yourself, my father in law is ahving the same ... just shows, life doesn't stop after retirement ... smile
(1071 days ago)
having ... sorry ... lol
(1071 days ago)
Mon, 27-Jun-16 8:58 PM (1093 days ago)
Lightly oiled and rubbed my chicken this and...just put it in the smokersmile. Dinner in about 3 hours. Mmmm...
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I got all excited reading this LOL
(1093 days ago)
oh no chicken massage..poor chick
(1093 days ago)
Sounds devine ... smile smile
(1092 days ago)
Sat, 4-Jun-16 7:19 PM (1116 days ago)
Home...great trip! And, yup...ate/drank too much...told lies, and managed to catch some fish. "What's that honey?". Gotta go...honey do list a mile long... sad.
Glad to hear you had fun Cleaver ... taking a break is never a bad ideas ... wish you a stunning weekend ... good luck with the list ... smile smile
(1116 days ago)
told lies??? the fish was this big....
(1116 days ago)
Cleaver1954 likes this
I'm a guy Artistic...we always exaggerate 😋
(1115 days ago)
Paint_itLady and Artistic like this
hahaha i know, fish sizes in particularly wink
(1115 days ago)
Sat, 28-May-16 11:41 AM (1123 days ago)
Leaving today for annual trip with "the boys". We'll eat too much, drink too much...tell lies, and maybe squeeze in some fishing smile. See y'all in a week.
Have Fun!!
(1123 days ago)
When you tell them you won a photographic site's prize, but you can't tell them why, I hope they believe you grin .... anyway, have fun!
(1123 days ago)
Paint_itLady likes this
^^^ LOL
(1123 days ago)
oh roadtrip?
(1123 days ago)
Enjoy .... smile smile smile
(1121 days ago)
Sat, 21-May-16 12:01 PM (1130 days ago)
I'm headed out for a "shake down cruise" in my kayak. If I catch a couple fish, It'll be a bonus as we're expecting 80F and sunshine today smile.
Enjoy your day smile
(1130 days ago)
Fri, 13-May-16 6:09 PM (1138 days ago)
Wow... I had the most amazing time today with an old (girl) friend. We've known each other for over 40 years...on/off. kids... Sigh...
That's awesome!
(1138 days ago)
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