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Kravin2's Recent Statuses
Fri, 28-Jun-19 5:18 AM (53 days ago)
I'll be back to finish that story
Fri, 28-Jun-19 5:17 AM (53 days ago)
Man..Talk about make a grown man cry, All this flooding, been so busy day and night trying to help comfort the unfortunate folks that have lost everything they ever worked for Bridges washed away
Tue, 19-Feb-19 5:27 AM (182 days ago)
Just left Jackson Miss. On the way to Little Rock Arkansas.then Springfield MO. Then home for couple months. OMG what a tour Sometimes am glad it's over, other times it's little sad knowing you have f
Sat, 18-Aug-18 1:14 PM (1 year ago)
Been on tour with my band now it's my time!! Going.. somewhere lol
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Tue, 5-Jun-18 9:27 PM (1 year ago)
Was thinking I shouldn't leave such exciting company...
Sun, 22-Apr-18 2:35 PM (1 year ago)
The two ladies I talked to take care you was very polite. You Kno who you are.
Thu, 5-Apr-18 8:11 AM (1 year ago)
Hmm I'm not gettin it..
Wed, 21-Mar-18 3:06 PM (1 year ago)
Hmm I just seen a nice view
Fri, 9-Mar-18 7:10 AM (1 year ago)
Well we just pulled into Denver.. getting ready for the weekend
Tue, 6-Mar-18 8:43 PM (1 year ago)
Wow things are getting crazy round here////
Wed, 28-Feb-18 1:14 PM (1 year ago)
Finally home from the bright lights and night lives
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