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The fiance's dog Zoie as a puppy

1374 views in 1375 days
1892 views in 1375 days
Older photo. Usually she hogs the pillows...this time she WAS the pillow

1429 views in 1375 days
Fearlessly guarding the bathroom

1339 views in 1442 days
Tigger being cute

1234 views in 1442 days
Psycho Staffy meets turtle in a hurry

1443 views in 1457 days
Psycho Staffy

1532 views in 1458 days
Squirrel stalking

1643 views in 1474 days
He's still a bed pig

1447 views in 1474 days
Poor Tigger has no idea what was going on here....LOL!

1651 views in 1480 days
Insane level of's my licence to be weird....

1507 views in 1487 days
I've never had what I'd consider "normal" dogs, but this guy takes weird to...

1484 views in 1487 days
Hi, you're home! Where's my cookie?

1934 views in 1492 days
Confused Staffie meets grumpy box turtle

2133 views in 1492 days
Tigger, meet turtle. Turtle, meet Tigger.

1713 views in 1492 days
Just a random goat....because it's a random goat

1284 views in 1496 days
On occasion, I hog the couch instead of the bed

1300 views in 1496 days
I'se still cute

1667 views in 1496 days
He's still a weirdo

1594 views in 1498 days
The time share dog stopped by for a late night snack

1370 views in 1499 days
Not one of mine or the girlfriend's. This is Milo who lives across the stre...

1290 views in 1503 days
The guard turtle after seeing Magoo

1257 views in 1505 days
Magoo had to stop by for a cookie

1242 views in 1505 days
Grumpy looking, isn't he?

1452 views in 1505 days
The guard turtle

1114 views in 1505 days
Still grumpy

1633 views in 1506 days
The mutts disturbed this guy while he was sunning. He was not amused.

1469 views in 1506 days
Just a nice quiet moment in the yard....with a goofy dog

2245 views in 1507 days
Personality....I has it

1161 views in 1508 days
Bed time last night; I walk into the bedroom to this...

1011 views in 1508 days
Embarrass the staffie

1215 views in 1509 days
On to the other toy...and the bed looked more comfortable

1164 views in 1509 days
He loves his chew toys

1161 views in 1509 days
Rainbow through the windshield

1263 views in 1511 days
If I hide here under the desk, maybe he'll drop a potato chip....

1277 views in 1511 days
Morning visitor

1705 views in 1514 days
The subject of the great squirrel hunt. Liz, he climbed 10 feet up, turned ...

1352 views in 1516 days
The squirrel is teasing me!

1405 views in 1516 days
He's right up there....maybe if I stretch.....

1156 views in 1516 days
I saw a squirrel!

1089 views in 1516 days
A shot of the 5.0 before everything was installed

1176 views in 1517 days
Yeah, I may be a Ford Mustang addict.

1116 views in 1517 days
306 cubic inches/5.0 litres of gas drinking fun

1056 views in 1517 days
Digging through old USB drives. My g/f's dog Zoie, taken 7 years ago

1087 views in 1517 days
I know there's something good at the bottom of this hole. (Not one of my pu...

1223 views in 1522 days
Where's the squirrels?

1148 views in 1522 days
You didn't want to lay down, did you?

1017 views in 1522 days
Tigger guarding the bathroom

1507 views in 1525 days
BC two weeks after being adopted

990 views in 1528 days
BC the day he was adopted from the shelter

929 views in 1528 days
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