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Blog Title: when you get mail...
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28-Jan-17 22:21:29
i hope you reported this profile?
us mods cant delete them :/
31-Jan-17 7:17:57
Oddly enough... This is the PM I received from this user July 22 2015...


May the peace of God be with you.
My name is George Raoul from Africa,I want to Establish a business partnership with you.
Before the death of my father,he disclose to me about this (10.5 million US dollars) deposited in one of the bank here for the purpose of Investment in Abroad before his sudden death by the Air Crash 2014.

I know it is very difficult to trust some one in the internet nowadays,i have every prove about this fund.
My dream is to go to a country where i can settle down and use this money for investment.
I am humble seeking for your help to standing for me as my father's foreign partner to enable the bank to transfer the money to your country.

I want you to know that this money is genuine and clean,not government money or stolen money.
I have all the prove and guaranty which will be forwarded to you.

Your ideas will be highly regarded.
As i get your interest of helping me I will introduce you officially to the bank as my father's foreign partner.

Plesae I need the folowing informations from you as the bank requested.
Your full Names house addresses and phone number.

For more details reply.
Yours sincerely,

I don't believe I was on the Mod list at this point in time...

I'm not sure how I reacted at the time, but I bet there's record of it in my out box here :o

Big time scammer/phisher!

Not the first one, and certainly not the last! That's why we're here... Because we care about our little corner :)
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