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Tue, 21-Feb-17 5:57 PM (7 days ago)
Ok, so if, there was going to be a theme for, a week,, what would be peoples choices..
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I have posted my 'tree' pic
(1 day ago)
Posted mine, as well..
(22 hours ago)
I'm in
(19 hours ago)
and Vera's seems to have been posted as well
(17 hours ago)
Seems mines, never posted, will repost tonight.
(11 hours ago)
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Mon, 27-Feb-17 8:11 PM (1 day ago)
for future reference, if you happen to get a spamming PM, send it to me or another mod, and then go to the actual profile of said person and REPORT them for spamming, just making a status will do ...
nothing if we dont get a PM also....just saying might help
(1 day ago)
Sun, 26-Feb-17 7:54 PM (2 days ago)
Nasiraa24 is a stupid and Ugly Troll !!! Don't respond to her PHISHING EMAIL !
Yikes...I got 3 !! Deleted without opening...
(2 days ago)
awe now i feel left out again, I didnt get one of those lovely PM's this time round , must be the males who get them from the females and vice versa, the ladies from the male ones
(2 days ago)
didnt get one either
(2 days ago)
im guessing the report button is broken?
(2 days ago)
nope, worked for me
(2 days ago)
Mon, 20-Feb-17 7:08 AM (9 days ago)
So what is everyones,, Favourite lens.
whatever lens is in my phone
(7 days ago)
oh and my fav lens, just realised I didnt answer the question haha , would be my Canon 24-105mm
(6 days ago)
Sorry, i start the thread and never said,, my 16-35, for me, shooting a lot of landscapes, it is my go too.
(5 days ago)
i think, that could be a lens I would like to get also, I would like that bit extra width
(5 days ago)
If think 90% of my pictures have been taken with it, since i got it.
(3 days ago)
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Thu, 16-Feb-17 12:13 AM (13 days ago)
Seems to have gone into a quiet lull again here, need to get this place moving ! thoughts from anyone?
Maybe some competitions?
(10 days ago)
with what for prizes?
(10 days ago)
If not a competition, how about a theme of the week? Sun suggested this last year.
(9 days ago)
yes and that was also suggested before that when first started , it gets a few people in then dies off again
(9 days ago)
I only look, from time to time, just got the lovely bit of spam offering me pictures, as well,, was wondering, if they were going to be landscape pictures or a bit of Macro
(9 days ago)
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