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Thu, 19-Jan-17 2:16 AM (1 day ago)
Contain any derogatory comments regarding or directed to another member of the site will be deleted, please report them and/or adress mod or Admin (modslist in forum) Thank You
Got your boots on, Artistic?
(6 hours ago)
Mon, 9-Jan-17 1:10 PM (11 days ago)
Last logged in 48 days ago. ...any one miss me? Didn't think so Hope you are all having a lovely start to 2017!
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Busy busy Now have a second location for my business and am in discussions for a third location!
(10 days ago)
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wow ! cool, that is going to keep you busy, well done
(10 days ago)
Thank you. Very exciting for me. But I do miss the **ckery
(8 days ago)
Oh censured yourself ehh
(7 days ago)
best you pop in once in a while to say hi
(7 days ago)
Fri, 6-Jan-17 4:19 PM (14 days ago)
If only losing weight was as easy as losing my cell phone, my keys, my temper, or even my mind ... I'd be TOO skinny!
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Me too except for the temper part
(11 days ago)
Sun, 1-Jan-17 3:36 AM (19 days ago)
ah well, you cant please everyone....btw, i think a new year started too so Happy New Year to ya all
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and hny to you too brenda
(12 days ago)
Sat, 31-Dec-16 5:56 PM (20 days ago)
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You too! I'll be asleep by ten I'm sure...
(20 days ago)
(18 days ago)
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Mon, 26-Dec-16 1:42 AM (25 days ago)
Merry Christmas to All!!
Brenda likes this
to you to
(25 days ago)
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hope ya had a good chrissy shy
(23 days ago)
There was no xmas..
(23 days ago)
i dont celebrate Jesus b-day, i dont know him
(21 days ago)
Sat, 24-Dec-16 11:42 AM (27 days ago)
Merry Christmas Everyone from down under
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Merry Christmas Bubbles!
(27 days ago)
Merry Xmas *<[:{) right back
(26 days ago)
What is Christmas...??? Something I have not experienced in several years..
(23 days ago)
awe did you have to work ss? bugger ..
(22 days ago)
Wed, 21-Dec-16 7:16 PM (30 days ago)
No Christmas Tree up, No Turkey defrosting, No Christmas Pressies bought or wrapped, Nothing made or cooked for the holidays, I just haven't had the energy Have a good Christmas everyone
Time to get motivated, Elle.... You're running out of time
(30 days ago)
Awww... Be of good cheer . Feel better, and the best of the season to you!
(30 days ago)
Merry Christmas to you both Elle !!
(27 days ago)
Tue, 20-Dec-16 5:34 PM (31 days ago)
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You too! Quiet for us...both kids and their families will be elsewhere. I'm gonna stay in jammies and play with my toys .
(31 days ago)
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Merry Christmas to you too !!
(31 days ago)
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God Jul & gott nytt ar
(30 days ago)
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nice brenda
(30 days ago)
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Sat, 17-Dec-16 5:23 AM (34 days ago)
Wheres the party at?
<<<<<<<<<< Over there I think, Welcome to ALB
(34 days ago)
Tue, 13-Dec-16 7:01 PM (38 days ago)
Dont get your tinsel tangled, xmas is soon over
Sun, 11-Dec-16 6:47 AM (40 days ago)
Boo !!
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(40 days ago)
Knock knock. Who's there? Boo. Boo who? don't have to cry about it .
(40 days ago)
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Thu, 8-Dec-16 3:38 PM (43 days ago)
Nudity, nude or nakedness, is the state of wearing no clothing and is a NO NO on Allombo, Please continue taking pics of nature, flowers, pets and dressed people
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and this person was? care to let us know who in our bit please?
(42 days ago)
oh and yeah, most dont make it into status to read these warning so maybe on profile would be best
(42 days ago)
Thu, 1-Dec-16 6:25 PM (50 days ago)
Now a days "I'm going to bed" really means I'm going to lay in my bed and be on my phone for an hour or so,
When I say that...It's after haven fallen asleep in my easy chair for an hour and a half, and is in response to my wife's cry of "Are you ever coming to bed??"..
(47 days ago)
might as well keep sleeping then, just keep a blankie close
(46 days ago)
Fri, 18-Nov-16 8:18 AM (63 days ago)
has it gone quiet in here again? where is everyone?
Artistic likes this
ive been in everyday, well night for you tho
(63 days ago)
o/ miss northern ...yep, ok, gotcha cleaver ....haha arty i am here now so where are you ?
(62 days ago)
damn it... out of my world lady
(62 days ago)
Been on holiday, in a state motel, courtesy of HRH, just a misdemeanor not a felony.
(59 days ago)
you what where when? ya better write me
(48 days ago)
Tue, 29-Nov-16 9:15 PM (52 days ago)
Don't think I am going to put the Christmas Tree up again this year ..... 1/ I feel too wobbly ... 2/ I don't think the cats will apreciate it lol and 3/ It is not December yet BAH HUMBUG ..
Lol! When the kids were little, and we had puppies too, we'd put our tree in the middle of the play pen. Kid proof...puppy proof!
(51 days ago)
^ Clever Cleaver!
(51 days ago)
It's December now.
(50 days ago)
Wed, 30-Nov-16 3:01 PM (51 days ago)
Thinking how one of my favorite things to Do is be Cuddled. . Just saying...
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Sun, 27-Nov-16 3:54 AM (54 days ago)
New pics say Calhan when it isn't it is supposed to say CANON ...... sorry I goofed ...
well i like Goofy
(53 days ago)
ElleFoxie likes this
I like goofy too ...
(53 days ago)
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Fri, 25-Nov-16 10:00 PM (56 days ago)
Hope Everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
one day i might get to experience thanksgiving
(55 days ago)
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Wed, 23-Nov-16 7:21 PM (58 days ago)
Need to fix these menus - sorry about that folks!
Brenda likes this
yeah, needs a soup n some desserts too
(56 days ago)
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Mon, 21-Nov-16 9:33 PM (60 days ago)
Life is getting so very busy so I am unplugging for a while. A very Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate and cheers to all of you.
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Merry Christmas
(59 days ago)
Have a good know where to find Us
(59 days ago)
Sat, 19-Nov-16 9:40 PM (62 days ago)
Just getting inn from a day in Town ! Putting supplies away for cookout. &#128522;
So post some nice nature pics or pets or real life
(61 days ago)
if you're here to meet a lady then you are on the wrong site, this isnt a dating site but if you're into posting "normal" pics then welcome and post away as arty said , nature, pets,cars etc etc
(61 days ago)
Sat, 19-Nov-16 7:42 PM (62 days ago)
while im updating new member is posting before my eyes
Wed, 9-Nov-16 11:56 AM (72 days ago)
What just happened?
heck if I know?
(72 days ago)
We had a historic presidential election. Was going to happen either way. I am taking a "wait and see" stance.
(72 days ago)
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I'm "Prepping" for the END of the world
(71 days ago)
i sneaked down supplies in our bombshelter
(71 days ago)
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Thu, 10-Nov-16 4:05 AM (71 days ago)
Video Processing is FRITZTed!!! AGAIN!!
Very FRITZTed!!!
(71 days ago)
Very very FRITZed !!!
(71 days ago)
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